Zenith MMO – How to Solve Amara’s Children Quest Solution (Get Keys)

A guide on how to solve Amara’s children quest solution (get keys) in Zenith MMO.

How to Solve Amara’s Children Quest Solution

Once you’ll get this quest line in the woods with the massive trees in the hidden grove and you need to find two keys. This guide is about that.

How to Get Keys

Find an event on the map, with those ladies with bows.

You need to kill the purple huntress people. From the main entrance (from the farmland) to the forest area head left. First one is on the ground second you must climb the platforms.

Also the keys arent really marked. Its a physical object under the loot you have to grab.

The purple riva girls dropping keys near the next zone after the forest.


This quest has some issues. If you get stuck, you may have to abandon the quest and retry. Make sure you collect 2 keys before opening the tents, open your quest inventory and take out the key from there to use them. The keys drop from the leader girls that spawn near the tents you need to use the keys on.

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