Zenith MMO – How to Beat Homecoming Quest (Tips)

A guide on how to beat Homecoming quest (tips) in Zenith MMO.

How to Beat Homecoming Quest (Tips)

This guide contains some tips to beat Homecoming quest in the Zenith MMO game.

Ezrel ride outside the mine nearby where you got the quest. It looks like the normal mask wearing enemies but it’s got a recolor and goes by a completely different name. Don’t go inside the mine, nothing in there but regular ones and nagas.

Note: You also have a map on your left hand which can show red dots (quest mobs) if you are unsure how they look like.

More with spoilers

Ezrel is a red “human” basically the same as the enemies in the mine, but red with more HP.

He is in a dead end room before you enconter the Lizards (nagas).

The next quest (nagas + boss) is the same, deeper in the caves youll find a different color lizard thing thats the nagas boss (take the right path).

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