Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – 1o Tips and Tricks (Advanced)

Learn advanced tips and tricks for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in this post. Discover how to tame wild horses, launch wings anywhere, cross gaps and vertical cliffs, build long bridges, utilize items effectively, fuse explosives to shields, recall projectiles, sort your inventory, extend shield surfing durability, and more. Enhance your gameplay experience and conquer Tears of the Kingdom.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – 11 Tips and Tricks (Advanced)


Some call it the story of the hero of Hyrule, we call it a gigantic goofy sandbox. We’ve had a bit more time with Tears of the Kingdom and we wanted to share some of our new advanced tips and tricks with you. Let’s take a look.

Tip 1: Taming Wild Horses

Tired of getting kicked in the face every time you try to tame a wild horse? Worry no longer! Fuse a white Choo-Choo jelly to your arrow and freeze the horse right in its tracks. Then you can approach without worry and hop on as soon as they unfreeze.

Tip 2: Launching Wings Anywhere

Wings are some of the coolest Zonai devices. However, you need a railed platform to launch one, or do you? Ultra hand and Recall come to the rescue. Attach some fans to Ultra hand, lift the wing up into the air, and hold it there. Then, strike the fans or the wing itself to send it forward. This will keep the wing off the ground long enough to go forward far enough to clear the platform.

Tip 3: Crossing Gaps and Vertical Cliffs

Having trouble crossing a gap? Ultra hand a platform or object across it, bring it back to your side, hop on, and then recall it. This will move Link most of the way, if not all the way, across gaps. The same goes for vertical cliffs. It’s also useful when the climbing surface is wet or iced over. If you have a nearby tree, you have an elevator.

Tip 4: Building Long Bridges

If you can’t figure out how to get from point A to point B, you can always build a very, very long bridge. Tears of the Kingdom not only allows but encourages this kind of outside-the-box thinking. Combine it with the recall trick to make your super long bridge even longer.

Tip 5: Utilizing Items Effectively

Don’t forget that some items are incredibly useful on their own. Muddle buds, Dazzle fruits, and puff shrooms can completely change encounters. Muddle buds confuse enemies they hit, Dazzle fruits stun enemies and disarm them, and puff shrooms blind enemies in the area with a smoke screen.

Tip 6: Fusing Explosives to Shields

Attaching explosives to your shield might seem like a terrible idea, but it actually protects you from the explosion while blocking. Fusing bomb flowers or explosive barrels to your shield allows you to blow up enemies when they strike it. It can also launch you into the air for a mid-air slow-mo shot. You can also attach explosives to your weapons for major damage.

Tip 7: Using Zone Eye Devices

You can attach flame or beam emitters to your shield for projectile weapons. Whack them to activate and then pick them up with Ultra hand. Keeping fire at a distance is often a good idea for safety.

Tip 8: Recalling Projectiles

Most projectiles that enemies throw can be recalled back at them. Time briefly stops when using recall, making it easier to send the projectiles back. This is especially useful against Stone Talus mini bosses as the rocks will temporarily stun them.

Tip 9: Sorting Your Inventory

Take advantage of sorting your inventory to make it less cumbersome. Pressing Y while holding up allows you to sort by most used, Zonai devices type, or highest fuse damage. This will help you manage the many items you acquire throughout the game.

Tip 10: Extending Shield Surfing Durability

Shield surfing is cool but degrades your shield quickly. Fuse Zonai device carts or regular minecarts to your shield to extend its durability and go faster on specific terrain.


These are just a few of the advanced tips and tricks for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Keep exploring and discovering more cool techniques as you progress through the game. Have fun!

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