Yes, Your Grace – How to Get More Recruit or Agents (General, Witch, Hunter)

This guide will help you on how to get more “recruit” or “agents” (general, witch, hunter) in Yes, Your Grace.

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How to Get More Recruit?


  • Hunter
  • Witcher
  • General
  • Pigeon
  • Stan – General
  • Alena – Witch
  • Velek – Hunter

New General

Select New General

When negotiating wedding items, select a new general. Talys doesn’t offer you a second general. He responds by saying “How about I just pay for your current general?”

So you now have 1 general, but he’s free.

General Cost

He’s 9 gold per week – although if you asked Talys, he’ll be paying for him instead!


This is so important for getting new “recruit” thanks to exploration. Use Pigeon and get more opportunities to recruit.

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