Yes, Your Grace – 49 Week (Ending Walkthrough)

This ending walkthrough shows you what happened in 49th Week of Yes, Your Grace, especially, to Aurelea, Ivo, Your Grace, Audry, Asalia, Cedani. Is ritual worked? Aurelea was right or dead? Cedani will gonna die because of betrayal?

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49th Week (Ending Walkthrough)

There will be a war in the 49th week. This will be the last and greatest war. So it will take a long time. In this process, your advisor and archers will be your supporters.

The number of soldiers is very important. War can end faster, especially if you have a good number of soldiers in previous weeks.

Even if the number of soldiers is high, the enemy soldiers who hit the walls of the castle will weaken the army. In this case, frequently check down the castle wall to see if there is an archer.

When the day is over, rest for 1 week after talking to your advisor.

The war will be very tough and will last 2-3 weeks. When it’s over, you’ll see some betrayals and failures. For this, you will be offered options.

Finally, the end of the game was very sad. However, I am also very pleased to play a 2D game with pleasure.

What Happened People?


So the dramatic ending…

You Lost Queen Aurelea during the Ritual:

  • Aurelea’s death contributed to the outlawing of witchcraft in Davern.
  • She didn’t die in suffering – or so Witch Delilah tried to convince Eryk.

The Ritual had fatal consequences:

The battle with Atana struck a serious blow to Eryk’s health. Brooding over the fact that his actions had caused the deaths of his beloved wife and their unborn child, the King eventually plunged into madness.


Queen Aurelea survived the end:

Queen Aurelius was extremely pleased to see the end of the terrible war. She continued to support Eric in his future affairs.

Despite challenges, you managed to secure an heir without putting the lives of your loved ones at risk. You completed the Ritual with no mistakes:

The battle with Atana dealt a real blow to Eryk’s health. However, Prince Edward brought plenty of joy to Eryk’s and Aurelea’s lives. Although Eryk’s health worsened with time, he felt at peace, knowing there was a rightful successor to the throne.

Missings: It is not shown where the newborn baby is. Even If the king refused the ritual, there is no information about the newborn baby.


You have two options for Ivo’s punishment:

  1. You will forever rot it in our dungeons.
  2. You will be met with the final justice.

Note: I chose the first one since she deserved it.

Ivo, the King of Atana, was sentenced to death for his actions.

Paloma, Talys’ wife, never recovered from her disease. As it turned out, no amount of blood spilled on behalf of the gods can change one’s fate. Ivo’s successor to the crown of Atana treated his defeat as a disgraceful waste of resources and swore this would never happen again. With that in mind, Atana started gathering new units under their banner. A new war was on the horizon.


If you choose the second one, see that:

You decided to imprison Ivo:

Paloma, TaLys’ wife, never recovered from her disease, but as long as Ivo was alive, there was always hope to find the cure.

Ivo’s supporters, having heard that their King was being held in the Dungeons of Davern, kept working to free him.

This led to many violent crimes across Davern.

Your Grace

You decided to kill Beyran for what he did:

Without someone to lead them, Beyran’s free people scattered across the land, forever trying to hide their accents in fear. No Radovian could ever feel safe in Davern.

Despite your efforts, there was no one to take over your throne.

Without a rightful successor, Davern entered a period of tanistry after Eryk’s death. It took many turbulent years before a new king was announced.

But that’s another story…


You decided to spare Beyran’s life:

With a rightful leader, and Eryk showing empathy, the Radovians stayed in Davern. Beyran took responsibility for his people, and even though cultural differences proved to be a challenge, the nations sought to see the best in each other.

And also:

You refused to perform the Ritual:

The battle with Atana struck a severe blow to Eryk’s health. However, the newborn Princess Lorsulia the Second brought plenty of joy to Eryk’s and Aurelea’s lives.

Although King Eryk did not have a successor to the throne, he was always grateful for the new member of the family.

You tried your luck at the Ritual, but complications forced you to stop mid-way through:

The battle with Atana struck a severe blow to Eryk’s health. However, the newborn Princess Lorsulia the Second brought plenty of joy to Eryk’s and Aurelea’s lives. Although King Eryk did not have a successor to the throne, he was always grateful for the new member of the family.


You gave Asalia’s hand to King Varid in exchange for his army:

Asalia’s marriage proved to play an important role in Davern’s victory. With powerful allies, King Eryk was able to repel the enemy forces.

Asalia looked very pretty in her dress on the wedding night. Sadly, this was the only positive thing that could have been said about marriage. King Varid was not the kindest husband and Asalia never found happiness in her life at his side.


You let Asalia run away with Maya:

Although King Eryk never saw his daughter again, she never forgot to send him a letter about her latest adventures with Maya, the love of her life.

Eryk slept better at night, knowing that Asalia was happy.


You were well prepared for the war with Atana. Thanks to your defenses, Cedani survived the horrors:

The recent wars seemed like the distant past, thanks to the ever-cheerful Cedani.

Pumpkin, as Eryk Like to call her, continued to bring people joy with her positive attitude (or kept on being somewhat annoying, depending on the perspective).

The recent wars seemed like the distant past, thanks to the ever-cheerful Cedani. Silly-pickle, as Eryk likes to call her, continued to bring people joy with her positive attitude (or kept on being somewhat annoying, depending on the perspective).


After being unable to find the true perpetrator, Audry took the blame for Talys’ death to save your life:

After defeating Atana, Eryk was able to expose the real truth behind Talys’ assassination, honoring Audry’s memory.

Nonetheless, Audry was greatly missed.


You Listened to your loyal Advisor during the Royal Trial:

Audry continued to serve Davern the best he could.

Who is “Who” in Family?


Ivo is the son of Talys, the Royal Prince of Atana. He is the future husband of Eryk’s daughter, Lorsulia.

After his father’s sudden death during the Royal Wedding, Ivo became the King of Atana, with Lorsulia by his side.

Even though King Eryk presented sufficient evidence to prove his innocence during the Royal Trial, King Ivo didn’t believe any of it.

He decided to withhold the promised armies for the battle with Radovia and announced a war between the two kingdoms.


Eryk’s youngest daughter. She observes her sisters and learns quickly, often mimicking their actions.

Cedani is worried about her older sister, although the King suspects it’s more about Dusty. Those two grew up together, so it’s no wonder Cedani is upset.

Cedani’s new pet, SMUDGE, is harmless and at least keeps her busy. The King thinks her love for these animals is adorable, and has let her keep it.

Dusty was a very important member of the family for Cedani. The King has promised to ask about him next time he writes to Lorsulia.

Cedani was quite upset after someone tried to eat her pet snail. The King promised her that eventually she will be able to see Lorsulia.

Cedani attacked a stuffed skunk Asalia left in the gardens. The youngest daughter’s actions were very brave for Influenced by her sister, Cedani finds another pet… The King was unsure whether letting her keep the hedgehog was a good idea, but he knew that it would break Cedani’s heart if he didn’t. Especially now that Dusty isn’t here…

To turn the Hedgehog into a prince, Cedani asked the King for one piece of gold. The King agreed to give her the gold she needed. Cedani also asked where she could find a black rooster.

After hearing Cedani ask about a black rooster, the King took the opportunity to buy one from a merchant and gifted it to his daughter.

Cedani wasn’t as upset about the Stabber as the King would have thought. She understood it was her fault, and decided to focus on finding another agent.

The rooster King Eruk bought for Cedani somehow ran into our kitchens and was cooked for dinner.

To save Cedani’s disappointment, Eryk told her he let the rooster free. She approved of his decision and wasn’t at all upset about it.

Eryk recognised the unusual toy Cedani brought to him. To make sure he was remembering it correctly, he decided it would be best to ask Maya about it first. Feeling sorry for Cedani, with her bad luck finding a new pet, the King let her keep Hisser. At least no one could sit on him!

A Hunter visited the Throne Room. He wanted to impress the King, so he hunted down Cedani’s fox. Unaware of the mistake, he brought it to the King. When Cedani saw the dead body, she made a big scene; it was her best agent…


Eryk’s middle daughter. Asalia is adventurous and playful, and doesn’t care what others think about her.

Hearing that Asalia was sneaking out of the castle worried the King. He decided it would be best to confront her about it, to confirm Lorsulia’s story.

Asalia sneaking out of the castle without the King’s permission flouted his boundaries. The King decided to ban her from playing her favorite games. Asalia’s realisation about why Lorsulia had been upset lately made her worry about her own future. She assured her father she would apologise to her sister for calling her names.

Eryk and Aurelea always thought that Asalia will grow out of pulling silly pranks on her sisters, but they are now realising that it’s not something you grow out of.


The Queen of Davern, Eryk’s wife and mother of their three daughters. She’s always happy to advise the King on important matters.

The Queen would never allow her daughter to marry a thug. She hopes that the King will resolve this situation before it’s too late.

When Aurelea found out about the deal Eryk made with Talys, she was over the moon. The wedding was sure to solve all of their problems.

In the Queen’s eyes, the dress Eryk chose for Lorsulia was perfect. It was everything she wished for.

The Queen is worried about Eryk’s health. She knows that they are running out of time to have a rightful successor to the throne.

The Queen announced her pregnancy to Eryk. They were both hoping for a boy this time around.

The Queen didn’t like the idea of marrying Asalia to King Varid, but she is extremely worried about the battle.

The Queen didn’t know about Lorsulia’s bruises, but when Eryk told her about it, she was devastated. She regrets letting Lorsulia marry Ivo…

Like the King, the Queen is extremely worried about the safety of their daughter.

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