Yakuza: Like a Dragon – Pharmacology, Nutritionist, Hazardous Materials Exam and Answers

This guide will help you on “Pharmacology, Nutritionist, Hazardous Materials Exam and Answers” in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Pharmacology Exam

Q) Which of the following purified components is effective in retaining the moisture in one’s skin?
A) White Petroleum

Q) There are several ways to obtain medication in modern times. Which of the following requires both a doctor’s consultation and permission to obtain?
A) Prescription medication

Q) Various medicines are researched and developed to combat sickness around the globe. What is the collective name for medicine with the same properties as the original that is released after the latter’s patent expires?
A) Generic drugs

Q) Which of the following is considered a topical medication?
A) Lozenge

Q) There are three common methods for taking medication. One is orally, as with oral medicine, another is topically, as with ointments. What is the third method?
A) Injection

Q) Which of the following is used to ease physical pain?
A) Morphine

Q) Which of the following is an oral medicine?
A) Powdered medicine

Q) What is the chemical compound found in antiseptics?
A) Ethanol

Q) Which of these chemical compounds is found in ointment used to treat eczema?
A) Steroid

Q) Which of the following components is effective in relieving pain from headaches and inflammation?
A) Acetylsalicylic acid

Nutritionist Exam

Q) Though most people in Japan associate cheese with cow’s milk, Scandinavian countries are known to make cheese from the milk of rather unexpected animals. Which of the following is such an animal?
A) Reindeer

Q) Which of the following is a Turkish dish?
A) Kebab

Q) Which of the following is the name of the unsaturated fatty acid found in a blueback fish?
A) Docosahexanoic acid

Q) Which of the following is a Spanish dish?
A) Tapas

Q) Which of the following nutrients is not found in tomatoes?
A) Vitamin D

Q) Which of the following dishes uses fish in its recipe?
A) Acqua pazza

Q) Which of the following is the component found in spicy foods such as chili peppers that can also promote one’s appetite or burn off fat?
A) Capsaicin

Q) What is the common name for a cold soup that uses puree of mashed potatoes, cream, and bouillon?
A) Vichyssoise

Q) While dietary fibers are not digested by the human body, they do possess the unique ability to clean the gastrointestinal tract. Which of the following is the distinctive water-soluble dietary fiber?
A) Pectin

Q) Which of the following pasta dishes is made with just three ingredients of boiled pasta, black pepper, and cheese?
A) Cacio e pepe

Hazardous Materials Exam

Q) Which of the following is considered a heavy metal?
A) Zinc

Q) What is the name of the transition in which a solid changes to a gas??
A) Sublimation

Q) In Japan, up to how many categories of hazardous materials is a professional handler permitted to handle?
A) 6

Q) Of the various classified hazardous materials, the most commonly handled are those of category IV, which pertains to materials such as petroleum and oil. What are these materials?
A) Flammable liquids

Q) When storing materials that Japanese law deems hazardous, a certain perimeter of open space around the storage facility must be secured. Which of the following is the most logical reason for this?
A) To mitigate damage and harm in unexpected situations

Q) There are many instances in which static electricity can cause a fire. Which of the following is something that can be done to mitigate such an occurrence?
A) Increase humidity

Q) In Japan, which of the following laws pertains to hazardous materials and hazardous materials handlers?
A) Fire protection

Q) A dust explosion occurs when fine particles of fixed concentration suspended in the air rapidly combust from a spark. Which of the following is always present during a dust explosion?
A) Oxygen

Q) In Japan, storing, transferring, and using certain hazardous materials, such as chemicals, requires a government-certified supervisor to be present. Which of the following tasks would require having such an individual supervising the process?
A) Managing a gasoline station

Q) In Japan, hazardous materials are categorized depending on their state of matter. In which of the following categories would one find alcohol and gasoline?
A) Liquid


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