Xenonauts 2 – How to Customize Trooper

Unlock the full potential of trooper customization in Xenonauts 2 with this comprehensive guide. Learn how to master shooting angles, explore the potential for customizing soldier nationality and portrait, and contribute your feedback to shape the game. Dominate the alien menace with personalized troopers and immersive gameplay.

Mastering Trooper Customization in Xenonauts 2: A Comprehensive Guide


Trooper customization is a vital aspect of Xenonauts 2 that allows you to personalize your soldiers and enhance their capabilities on the battlefield. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of trooper customization, including tips on optimizing their shooting angles, discussing the potential addition of soldier nationality and portrait customization, and addressing the immersion concerns raised by the community. Let’s unlock the full potential of your troopers and dominate the alien menace together!

Section 1: Mastering Shooting Angles for Tactical Advantage

In Xenonauts 2, shooting at precise angles can give you a tactical edge during combat. While leaning around corners may not be possible to maintain balance and fairness, there’s a technique that allows you to shoot at a 45-degree angle. We’ll explore the steps to effectively shoot around corners and through doorways, maximizing your troopers’ offensive capabilities.

Section 2: Exploring the Potential for Customizing Soldier Nationality and Portrait

During the Early Access phase, the developers of Xenonauts 2 are considering adding the feature of customizing soldier nationality and portrait. This section will delve into the potential benefits of such customization options, including enhanced player immersion and a deeper connection with your troopers. We’ll discuss the feasibility of implementing this feature and its potential impact on the game’s mechanics and overall experience.

Section 3: Collecting Community Feedback on Trooper Customization

Player feedback plays a crucial role in shaping the direction of game development. To ensure that trooper customization aligns with the community’s desires, the developers are keen on collecting data regarding player preferences. We’ll explore the immersion concerns expressed by some players and the developers’ intention to strike a balance between customization and realism. By sharing your opinions and preferences, you can actively contribute to shaping the future of Xenonauts 2.


Customizing troopers in Xenonauts 2 adds depth and personalization to your gameplay experience. Through this guide, we have discussed the techniques for optimizing shooting angles, examined the potential for soldier nationality and portrait customization, and highlighted the importance of community feedback. As you explore the vast possibilities of trooper customization, remember to strike a balance between immersion and player agency. Join the conversation and contribute your voice to the ongoing development of Xenonauts 2, ensuring that it becomes a game that truly caters to its passionate community.

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