XCOM: Chimera Squad – Ending (How to Kill Final Boss)

This guide to ending will help you on how to kill final boss (Sovereign) in XCOM: Chimera Squad.

Ending (How to Kill Final Boss)

Firsly, focus on Ronin to kill.

Overwatch balcony and attack them:

Be careful to Praetorians in the floor.

Sorcerers can be beamed up so your squad must not be remain stable, that is be dynamic. For example, put Axiom next to the ladder, Blueblood opposite it, and Patchwork opposite Blueblood.. What I mean that you need crossfire:

Do not proceed to enemy’s area until decreasing in numbers.

Focus on Sovereign when coming to end.

And then use Axiom to smash Sovereign:

This is so harmful for him but he forces to be “sustained”. Proceed Patchwork to the map table and overwatch hostiles. And then kill Sovereign regaining consciousness.

That is it!

I hope these useful tips help you.

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