Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem – Immortal, Ailment, Crit Build

This is a guide on Immortal, Ailment, Crit Build in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem.

Immortal, Ailment, Crit Build

This build is capable of any content.

Defensive mechanics:
– Health regen >= Health pool
– High Resistance stacking
– Large HP pool
– Damage Dispersion ( Avoids possible 1 hit mechanics)
– High Cooldown Reduction – movement abilities

Offensive mechanics:
– Quick AOE Dot Stacking
– Crit ailment Applications
– Base 30 stack of ailments

The only negative to this build is Slow move speed. Moving is done With Roll- Lightbringer – Aether Jump.


Base Stats are Split 50/50 between Ferocity And Wisdom.

Tree Level 52 Perspective

Go down To left at the start.

Then the path to + 5 Ailment Stacks on other side

Gear Stat Priority


Base Item = All Resistance early Game ( Life/Res Mid to late game)

% CoolDown Reduction

% Damage

+ Status Ailment Chance

+ All Resistance Score on this Item

Socket = Max HP Early game (All Res mid-late)


Base Item = LIFE + All Res

+ Toughness

+ Health on This Item

+Critical Hit Chance Score

% Rage And Willpower Cost Reduction


Base Item = All Resistance ( Untell 70% mitigation on Resistance Then Go LIFE/RES)

%CoolDown Reduction

+Status Ailment Chance


% Transfer Time Reduction Between Willpower And Rage

+ All Resistances Score On This Item

% All Resistance Score on This Item

Sockets = Max Life Early Game ( all Res mid-late)


Base = Life + All Res

+ Rage and Willpower cost Reduction

+ Toughness

% Resource Generation

+ Status Ailment Chance Score

+ Health On This item


Base = All Resistances ( Allows Block With any weapon )

% Cooldown Reduction

+ Status Ailment Chance Score

% Resource Generation

Sockets = All Res


Base = Life + All Res

+Status Ailment Chance Score

% Resource Generation

+ Health on this Item

+ All Resistances on this item

% To Either Health of All Resistances

Main Hand

Base = Pistol

% Burn Ailment Damage

% Ailment Chance

Socket = Burn Ailment Damage Or Use gems to Adjust Damage to make skills burn/Light damage


Base = Catalyst

+Fire Damage Added To Spells ( This Will make skills have burn if high enough)

+Light Damage Added To Spells ( This one is Variable)

% Elemental Status Ailment Chance Score

+ Duration

Sockets = Burn Chance Or Crit Chance


Base = Variable (Lowest Resistance Type)

+ Max HP

+ All Resistances

+ Spell Critical Chance

+ Will Power Regeneration

Socket = Will Power Regeneration (Big deal)


Base = Max Life

+ Ailment Stacks Inflicted

+ Max Life

+ Elemental Ailment Chance

% All Resistance

Socket = Will Power Regeneration (Big deal)


Base = Toughness

+ Max Life

% All Resistance

+ Status Ailment Chance

Socket = Will power Regeneration (Big deal)

If you feel like that you have too much will power mid-late game change acc gems to Genesis stones Crit or Status.


These are the skills I recommend for solo play.

Constant Aoe

This skill is used as both offense and mobility. (Teleport Maintains stacks):

For Mobility (Zero Cool Down Version sinks resource to fast causing combat to slow and be clunky/catch-up):

Massive Damage and adds all resistance:

This Skill Provides good ailment proc rate and sinks rage power quickly

by Webb

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