Wolcen Lords of Mayhem – Dawnbringer and Journey into Madness Walkthrough

This guide will show “Dawnbringer and Journey into Madness” as a walkthrough for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem.

Dawnbringer Quest

  • Reach Helmshire:
  • Find the Necromantic Origin.
  • Enter the Necromantic Ritual:
  • End the Necromantic Ritual.
  • Beat the Nerukai, Vision of the Sleeper:

Hunt demon:

  • Banish Nerukai and destroy Mercy again.

Journey into Madness

  • Report to be banished Nerukai back to Gernese in his camp by Fast Travelling using the Worldmap.
  • Get rewards: 300000 XP • 5000 Gold.
  • Survive the Ambush:
  • Defeat Justicar Azenhal:

Note: Be patient and remain to kill enemies until Justicar falls down.

  • Talk to the Creature (The Lambach):
  • And get reward: 300000 xp • 7500 Gold
  • Explore the fresh frontier:
  • Journey through the fresh frontier.
  • Destroy the Hearts of Corruption:

Note: the Hearts of Corruption locks the doors. That’s why you have to destroy them all. Even if one remains, the doors will be not given passage to.

  • And then reach the Resh Forest:
  • After that, leave the Resh Forest.
  • Enter the Cordanon’s Mines after killing all the hearts of Corruption.
  • Journey through the Cordanon’s Mines.
  • Look for the Brotherhood of Dawn men.
  • Approach Cordanon.
  • Destroy AU Foes:
  • Banish Zaalbezül (boss):

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