Wolcen Lords of Mayhem – Champion of Stormfall Tips

This guide will show tips for Champion of Stormfall in Wolcen Lords of Mayhem.

Champion of Stormfall Help


Buildings provide services.

Buildings give access to various features through Projects. You must first start the Construction Project of a Building before you can access its other Projects.


Productivity helps to complete Projects.

Every Project requires a set amount of Productivity to be completed. At the end of every Turn, Stormfall’s Productivity is allocated to each of your active Projects.

Increase your base Productivity by constructing Buildings and completing Projects in the Palace.


Projects are key.

You can see your active Projects and their progression on the left.

Once a Project has started, canceling it will not refund its base cost and you will have to start it over.


Passing a Turn means progress.

A Turn is completed when successfully finishing an Activity from the Mandates Board or the Expeditions Map.


Play well to progress faster.

Complete a Mandate from the Mandates Board or an Expedition from the Expeditions Map to end the Turn. The harder the challenge, the higher the Productivity bonus is at the end of the Turn, allowing you to complete projects faster.

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