Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem – 60k Cirt Melee Build (Runspeed)

This guide will show “60k Cirt Melee Build (Runspeed)” in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem (level 55).

60k Cirt Melee Build (Runspeed)

Great Clearspeed and Survivability at Level 55

Hey guys, I wanted to present you with a short guide for a Bleeding Edge build, which is great for leveling and the early map clearing until level 50. (I will update this guide as I progress further in the game regarding its viability in higher levels).

The build is built around the attack “Bleeding Edge” which is very op in the release version of the game (So prob get nerfed in the next patches).

You only have to cast the skill every few seconds to get a spinning blade around you and then you just run through mobs and bosses like nothing.

The key is that I found out that you don`t really need to invest points in damage in the passive tree (I think the +damage points are not multiplicate after a bit of testing)) instead you go full movement speed + life leech + the key ability “frenzied blows” in the child of fury specialization. This makes the Bleeding Edge ticks double damage as long as you cast the spell above 750 fury points.

This gives me 20-30k crits per tick of bleeding edge with a standard legendary two-hander at level 50! And a crazy basic movement speed of 9,5m/s!

The required 750 fury points are easily acquired through the points invested in Warmonger Spec tree “appetite for bloodshed” which gives you 35 rage per kill + the child of fury point “furious appetite”.

For the Attributes, I followed the rule all in Ferocity and only points in agility to get near 0% attack speed because we use a two-handed weapon during leveling.

Have a look at my video where i hover over the key points of the build and a full clear of an expedition with all 3 maps at max magic find I could get: (The run took about 8min for all three maps with no deaths)

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