Windbound – Guide to Animals and Resources, Minerals, Plants

A guide to animals and resources, minerals, plants in Windbound.

Guide to Animals and Resources, Minerals, Plants

Minerals & Plants

In Windbound, you will have to collect various minerals and plants in order to be able to manufacture tools, weapons, armor, but above all in order to be able to build your boat (and improve it).

Basic resources, harvesting method

  • Rock (hand)
  • Thick grass (knife)
  • Palm frond (knife)
  • Stick (knife)
  • Clay (shovel)
  • Bamboo (knife)
  • Wood (axe)
  • Crude metal (hammer)
  • Bone (hand)
  • Kojiberry (hand) – edible
  • Rust cap (hand) – edible
  • Fleshy porcini (hand) – edible
  • Truffle (hand after warthogs dig them up) – edible
  • Bloodbristle (hand) used for potions
  • Sealily (hand) used for potions
  • Fluttercup (hand) used for potions
  • Poison gland (hand, night time) used for potions (by day it is swollen and explodes if you get too close).

Animals and Animal Resources

The basic resources that animals can give you are:

  • Raw meat (to cook).
  • Skin (to be transformed into leather).
  • Bone.

The gain of these resources is random for some animals, and for some, they will give only one type of resource.

For example, an adult warthog might give you these 3 resources or less; a young warthog will give you bones, or skin, or meat. A stuffed bumblebee will only give you meat.

Some resources will only be accessible by killing specific animals. In addition, these resources will be very useful for some crafts.

The different animals that you will meet are:

  • Warthog
  • Rabbit (burrow harvestable with a shovel)
  • Resource special: Bleenk frond
  • Silkmaw (they are -group of 5 generally- in cocoons and come out as soon as you approach)
  • Resource special: Silk threads
  • Bumbler bee
  • Slitherfang
  • Gorehorn
  • Resource special: Gorehorn crest (shovel, hammer) + 2x big pieces of meat)
  • Plainstalker
  • Resource special: Plainstalker horn (bow)
  • Gloomharrow
  • Resource special: Gloomharrow jaw & skin
  • Pondwomper
  • Resource special: Shell fragment
  • Tremorlurk
  • Resource special: Leviathan heart gem
  • Shark (attack your raft, may break it if not strong enough)
  • Jellyfish (explode if you pass over it)
  • Cromster
  • Truits (present on the shore, gives fish and can give oil)

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