Wild Terra 2: New Lands – Taming and Fishing Guide

It is a guide to taming and fishing in Wild Terra 2: New Lands.

Taming and Fishing Guide


One of the tasks will be to catch your first hare. If you want to become a real master tamer, catching, fattening and pumping your animals (unlocking random, but very useful bonuses for the game) – this can be your first step in this craft. The mechanics of catching are simple:

1. Open the action menu [N] and move the “catch an animal or bird” action to the quick access panel (10 cells at the bottom of the screen).

2. Next, we need to make snares (net) from the crafting menu [C]

3. After that, pick them up by equipping them in the weapon slot (as an option, put them on the quick access panel)

4. Select the target with LMB that we are going to catch (to display state of health overhead)

5. If the animal is peaceful (indicated on the map by a green circle) – it is enough to throw the net at it from a short distance so as not to scare it away, and if you slow it down – click on the action “catch an animal or bird” from the first paragraph

6. If the animal can resist or aggressive (orange and red circles on the map) – you need to completely weaken it (remove the amount of health to a certain threshold, up to about 10% and below), you will understand when it starts to run away from you and only then throw a net. Otherwise, you will not be able to catch it and there will be a characteristic hint.

7. Each animal requires a certain taming skill, if the difference between the level of the animal and your skill is not more than 20 – there is a chance to catch the animal.

8. If you have caught an animal – it will appear in your inventory, but to use it, you must first feed it. LMB by the icon and the “feed” action you can find out what type of food the animal prefers. It also requires the taming skill to successfully feed.

9. When the level of fear, after feeding, drops to 0 – you tame the animal and you can use it.

10. Each pet is unique in its own way, for example, by taming a crow and pumping it to level 20 – you can approach the rest of the crows and kill them in close combat (because of the “crows don’t run away” bonus). Wolves and bears act as excellent tanks due to their tough hide ability, which increases their defense.

11. Animals do not need to be slowed down with a net, they can be stunned or slowed down with arrows, but the chance of being caught is several times lower,


The first time you try to fish, you will most likely fail. But everything is simpler than it seems at first glance. A small guide:

1. First, make a fishing rod and dig for worms (you can get them with a shovel from clay or by killing skeletons / plague monsters)

2. Equip a fishing rod and worms and look for rivers and a low approach to the reservoir, you can not catch it everywhere.

3. Right-click you can throw a rod into the water, if you hear a characteristic gurgling sound – you can fish in this place. If not, we are looking for another place.

4. Wait for prompts at the bottom of the screen, after each player needs to perform an action:

Just wait for the next prompt

  • E – pull the fishing rod
  • R – pull up
  • T – hook

Each fish has its own sequence of required actions and prompts. So it is enough to arm yourself with a notebook and write down the correct sequence of prompts and actions taken. Thus, you will learn how to catch absolutely all types of fish.

Well, if everything is really bad and you don’t want to bother with fishing (for example, for the sake of a quest), here is a combination of catching a worm, which works 2/3 of the cases:

  • 1. Cast the fishing rod
  • 2. Wait for a hint (bite) – we do nothing
  • 3. Wait for hint (bite) – do nothing
  • 4. Wait for hint (bite) – press hook [T]
  • 5. Press pull [R]
  • 6. Press pull [R]
  • 7. Press pull [E] It is also worth considering that the chance of catching a certain fish depends on the quality of the fishing rod and skill (all of it goes by shooting ranges, from simple to rare).

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