Which One is the Better: Gear Tactics or XCOM: Chimera Squad

Which One is the Better: Gear Tactics or XCOM: Chimera Squad?

Pros and Cons: 1

  1. Gears Tactics has a skills tree, XCOM: Chimera Squad is only a skills list.
  2. Gears Tactics has stat bonuses so your downtime is spent synergizing your soldier’s gear with their skills.
  3. You have 4 troops in a squad. Your skill tree has 4 directions instead of 2 in XCOM: Chimera Squad, you get a total of 18 points I think, so that’s level 10, 2 points per level starting at level 1, that enough points to max out 2 of the 4 archetypes.
  4. You can change the appearance of the random recruits.
  5. The biggest difference is the ballistics, obstructions matter, there is friendly fire, and with low change shots, you might land a bullet or two instead of missing completely.
  6. Also, Gear Tactics’ animations are much better than XCOM: Chimera Squad, for instance, an enemy runs into your overwatch, you shoot him he stumbles and falls, rolls over and stands in the open because he was interrupted.

Pros and Cons: 2

  1. Gears Tactics force you to use the execution mechanic, you get free AP for each execution.
  2. Gears Tactics does not use a grid, so it is sometimes not very clear if you flank an enemy or not
  3. You cannot use the XCOM: Chimera cheese where you try to lure the enemy into your overwatch
  4. The equipment upgrades are not that interesting, a few add skills but most of them add tiny boosts like +5% accuracy … it’s not like when you get plasma in XCOM: Chimera
  5. The skill tree is the same as the upgrades: each class has 4 specializations and you pick a few skills and a lot of tiny upgrades.
  6. In general, I think I prefer the cover system of Gears Tactics but I like the clarity of XCOM: Chimera, there isn’t a bazillion of tiny upgrades …
  7. In particular, the bits between missions for equipment are really uninspired in Gears Tactics. It is more story-driven and has a lot more dialogues if that’s your thing.

Gear Tactics’ Gameplay

The gameplay is bit weird. You take every shot, there are time when game decides you don’t have line of sight when you clearly do. The monsters go into overwatch at the end of every turn. It definitely a more fluid movement heavy game, since you have the three actions, and you a rewarded for doing executions. Although I was surprised that executions have a 6 turn cool down. I guess i feel that more because you only get like 2 guys to start. Of course this is just a 30 minute impression but already it does feel very different from x-com. And my goodness the game looks beautiful.

Executions have no cooldown, and you are talking about the bayonet charge or chainsword charge, which is very strong special ability. If you want to do execution, it is the icon with the skull and it costs the amount of ap you need to move to the enemy, the execution itself is free and has no cool down. You also do a different execution depending on the weapon you have selected, pistol, gnasher, mulcher, grenade they all have different animations.

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