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Hi, everyone. Today, I am gonna show you tips for beginners. This guide will help with weapons in GTFO. Especially, everything about weapons in GTFO is available the following. Let’s take a look if you want.

Introduction to GTFO

So, you have bought and downloaded GTFO and are playing it only to discover that this game is quite different from the other games that you have played. GTFO does not tell players how to get through its levels, meaning a lot of trial and error is required.

Not to fear! I am here to help you shorten that process of trial and error so that you can get through the rundown with ease!WeaponsSome of the most important decisions that you will make in this game happens before you are even dropped into the nightmare pit.

The weapons that you and your companions (if you have any) bring with you will decide how you go about things.

Choosing your primary is up to you, choose whatever gun you feel you’re the best with

Primary Weapons Include:

Malatack LX Assault Rifle:

  • Is average in all aspects (according to the game)
  • Holds 30 bullets per mag
  • Max ammo is 265 bullets

Shelling S49 Semi-Auto Pistol:

  • Decent damage but fire rate is a bit low
  • Holds 15 bullets per mag
  • Max ammo is 168 bullets

TR22 Hanaway DMR:

  • High damage but low max ammo
  • Holds ten bullets per mag
  • Max ammo is 67 bullets
  • Do not ADS when enemies are close to you when using this gun

Van Auken LTC 5 SMG:

  • Lowest damaging weapon but makes up for it in high ammo capacity
  • Holds 40 bullets per mag
  • Max ammo is 393 bullets
  • Advised when using this gun to shoot in short bursts to ensure the best accuracy

The secondaries vary greatly, as some strategies require one person to holster the sniper

Secondary Weapons Include:

Buckland S870 Semi-Auto Shotgun:

  • High damage but low ammo cap and low rate of fire
  • Holds 6 bullets per mag
  • Max ammo is 23 bullets

Buckland AF6 Combat Shotgun:

  • High damage paired with a good rate of fire
  • Holds ten bullets per mag
  • Max ammo is 56 bullets

Koning PR 11 Sniper Rifle:

  • Very high damage with the downside of very low ammo capacity
  • Holds 3 bullets per mag
  • Max ammo is 11 bullets
  • Is currently the only gun in the game that can one-shot a Scout/Sentry

Mastaba R66 Revolver:

  • High damage with the low rate of fire and painful recoil
  • 6 bullets per mag
  • Max ammo is 44 bullets

Techman Arbalist V Machine Gun:

  • Average damage and good for crowd control but with low rate of fire
  • Holds 25 bullets per mag
  • Max ammo is 107 bullets
  • Note that this gun has a small charge-up time before firing

Melee weapons are up to personal preference as they do the same amount of damage and have the same charge-up times. The only difference in the melee weapons is how they look.

For maximum efficiency with them, charge up the weapon and then swing at the enemy. Don’t charge for too long though as it will auto-swing if held long enough. 

Melee weapons are the only silent weapon as of now (mines are too while in stealth, but I’m pretty sure the devs will change that) so use them a lot.

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