Wattam – How To Unlock Prince And Noby Noby Boy – PC Walkthrough

The newly released Wattam on PC is eye-catching. This guide will show on how to unlock prince and Noby Noby Boy. Before the topic, I want to introduce Wattam:

About Wattam

A combination of the Japanese word (wa) and the Tamil word (vattam) for circle. Mayor is alone in a dark world with no memories, too sad to realize his dear friends are still nearby. However, an unexpected reunion helps him remember the joy in simply grabbing a friend by the hand and running off to adventure together.

Join Mayor as he reunites with new and old friends and discovers the forgotten joy of their world. Take control of a cast of characters by yourself or with a friend, transform into fruits & poops, climb to new heights, laugh, cry, tumble, and soar beyond the differences of words and thoughts to bring everyone together. Learn to have fun again!

How To Unlock Prince?

Climb the circle-face:

When the climbing top of the circle-face, see the cube-face.

Welcome to the Prince.


How To Unlock Noby Noby Boy?

Detach this flying-wall:

Find out this place and detach it:

When detaching it, cross the water or sea:

Do not forget that jump again and again if do not want to die:

Wait to come to Noby Noby Boy.

It is Done!

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