Watch Dogs: Legion – How to Complete “Digging Up the Past” Mission

A guide on how to complete “digging up the past” mission in Watch Dogs: Legion.

How to Complete “Digging Up the Past” Mission

OedSec has collected sufficient environmental data to reconstruct an event that took place just prior to the TOAN bombing. Return to the damaged spiderbot to launch it.

  • Analyse the AR Footage

Firstly, analyse humans and downcast:

  • Reach the Area with a Spiderbot or Drone

Follow the foots and find here:

Analyse it.

  • Search for evidence at New Scotland Yard

In that area after arrived, be careful to guards and find the damaged spiderbot. It is in locked room. If you are close to spiderbot with a man, press 3.

  • Navigate the Spiderbot out of the Secure Room

And then you will finish.

  • Investigate the Ground Station
  • Escape here

And then you will reach a bridge. Here, use spiderbot and explode thing to unlock the door.

It is done.


  • 750: ETO
  • 20: Tech Points

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