Wasteland 3 – Tips for the Best Start

Tips for the best start to Wasteland 3.

Tips for the Best Start

For your 1st 2 characters make one of them:

  • Coordination:1
  • Luck:5
  • Awareness:1
  • Strength:1
  • Speed:1
  • Intelligence:2
  • Charisma:10 with bookworm for a background (Use this guy to search containers for the higher luck chance).

Perk is not important for either character but I think the +6 armor is prolyl the best incase things go south. For the second one make it C:1 L:1 A:5 S:1 S:1 I:2 C:10 also with bookworm. Equip them both with snipers for starting equipment.

Between the 2 of them get:

  • First aid 2
  • Mechanic 1
  • Lock pick 1
  • Barter 1
  • Explosive 1
  • Hard @$$/leadership 2
  • On 1st level up get kiss @$$ 1
  • Upgrade pick lock to 2.

Now I hear you saying that’s not the stats I want or the skills I want or where’s my weapon skills but just hear me out. These characters are just throwing away. Their whole point is to get you to level 4 at the end of the tutorial. These skills allow you to do every action in the tutorial that nets you XP (mechanic is for the spiderbot close to the end for the pipes near the computer to freeze and destroy it).

The 2nd characters higher awareness is so you can spot the mine in front of the chest near the end to disarm it (not enough XP to get you to 5 so can skip that if you want as you can just loot the chest from the side).

The 1 point of barter is so you can get some free gear from the Cable wannabe after you take control of the base.

Now that you are level 4 create a new guy:

  • Give him a sniper (30.06 seems the most expensive starting ammo, so figured the best bet was to get as much free as I could)
  • Give him the +1-barter background, the quirk that has the chance to acquire gold when you dig, a luck of 10, int of 7, everything else at 1
  • Put all skill points into barter (should be level 8 with the bonus)

There are 4 dig areas just outside the base 2 to the left and 2 to the right. Save b4 digging if you want some easy money and reload the save if you don’t get gold in the loot (gold bars are valued at 2500, nuggets 1000, other 500 I think). Not sure what they will actually sell at with the 8 barter as I figured I should write this out b4 i forgot to. Now just create the actual 4 characters you want (removing the other 3 after removing all equipment from them).

Side note: Don’t forget to dismiss the cat and then rehire him (with cigarettes, so don’t sell them) to transfer the cat passive to someone else.

By hippy068

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