Wasteland 3 – How to Recruit Rangers and Animal

A guide on how to recruit rangers and animal in Wasteland 3.

How to Recruit Rangers?


Speak to Sgt. Greatski to hire new Rangers for your squad. Your squad can have up to six members. No more than four can be Rangers. The other two slots may be filled by Companions, such as Marshal Kwon. Companions are unique NPCs who aren’t officially Rangers, but want to help out all the same. You’ll find plenty of Companions on your journey throughout Colorado.

Companions are a unique kind of squad member. Unlike the Rangers you create, Companions are pre-made characters that have their own personality and agenda. Piss them off and they could leave you high and dry.

You can have up to six characters in your squad. Up to four of them can be Ranger recruits, leaving at least two spots open for Companions. There’s no reason not to take them along, provided you can maintain their loyalty.

How to Recruit Animal?


You need attributes, skills and perks to recruit animal.

  • Upgrade “Animal Whisperer”:
  • Get “Tame Predator”:
  • Requires 3 Animal Whisperer
  • Usable in Combat
  • Invalid Combat State
  • Temporarily turn a hostile animal against its own kind


  • Get Animal Training

Right or wrong, you have an uncommon talent for teaching animals to murder. Animal Companions gain bonus CON and damage. Required 3 Animal Whisperer

  • Get Vengeful Bond

It’s not wise to threaten a mama bear’s cubs. If your Animal Companion drops to 25% CON, gain +50% Critical Chance and +2 AP. Required 7Animal Whisperer

  • Spirit Animal

A. beast ally brings something primal and pure in you. Animal Companions provide you with better passive bonuses. Required 5 Animal Whisperer.

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