Wasteland 3 – How to Locate All Companion and Animals (and Bonuses)

Guide on how to locate all companion and animals (and bonuses) in Wasteland 3.

How to Locate All Companion and Animals (and Bonuses)

Companions and Animals

Major Tom
Cat Ranger will be found at the end of the starting location.
As a bonus, it gives + 6% to the crit chance of the character he follows.

Polly’s Parrot
Buy it from the Six-Toed Larry to the right of the entrance to the Outlandish.

Vice Rector
Found in a frozen storage bin in the tunnels of the Devil’s Variation. For finding him, they give achievement in incentive).

Does not give bonuses, but a rather powerful companion with a pistol. Will leave the squad, but will give a talent after finding the Owl of Minerva and visiting a mysterious cave. see toasters for details.

To create your own clones, you need to take Dr. Irv as a ranger on the quest “Oh, those neighbors”
It beats with fists and is good for distracting enemies + if it dies, you can always make another one.

Brave little toaster
A powerful robot that is very useful in combat. For more details, see the Toasters section.

I took the talent of the trainer “totem animals”, so the bonuses may be slightly different.

  • Pig: gives a bonus to HP
  • Boar: Gives Penetration Bonus +4
  • Snow Goat: Gives bonus to crit damage + 0.2x
  • Dog: gives a bonus to speed in combat +0.2
  • Cat: Gives a bonus to crit chance + 12%
  • Fox: Grants a 6M lead radius bonus
  • Deer: Grants a 1.0 second detection time bonus
  • Rabbit: Gives a bonus of + 20% initiative
  • Chicken: gives a bonus of + 6% to extra. experience
  • Howler: Grants a +4 bonus to armor

By Architect Leonid

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  1. Also
    Stag, can be found at Denver airport, in robot commune
    Adds +10% melee bonus damage, +20% w/ spirit animal bonus

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