Wasteland 3 – How to Get All Achievements

This guide will help you how to get all achievements in Wasteland 3.


This achievement guide is a work in progress. As the game just came out, some achievements are presently unclear. Some achievements might be listed in the wrong category until there is more clarification about their context. If you want to contribute, please leave a comment below and I’ll update the guide. Thanks in advance.


I’m not 100% clear on a lot of these but I assume most of these are story related. I could be completely wrong. As to whether they can or cannot be missed, I’m still figuring that out and I don’t entirely know the order in which they appear during the course of the game.

Fixer Upper

You found the Kodiak.

Everyone Lives

You saved all the hostages in Aspen.

Caged Psycho

You arrested Victory Buchanan.

Victory Over Victory

You killed Victory Buchanan.

Stolen Valor

You arrested Valor Buchanan.

Valor’s End

You killed Valor Buchanan.


You arrested Liberty Buchanan.

Give Me Liberty, Or…

You killed Liberty Buchanan.

The Needs of the Many

You saved the shipment of power armor from the Scar Collectors. This takes place during the mission Heads or Tails. Head to Arapaho Caravan and meet the Scar Collectors, then save the shipment of power armor.

The New Law

You established a new Ranger HQ in Colorado.


The Gunslinger

Lucia Wesson has offered to join your party.

The Hard-Head

Fish-Lips has offered to join your party.

The Hobo

Scotchmo has offered to join your party.

The Marshal

Darius Kwon has offered to join your party.

The Psychopath

Victory Buchanan has offered to join your party.

The Scientist

Pizepi Joren has offered to join your party.

The Warlord

Ironclad Cordite has offered to join your party.

Skills and Upgrades

A New Home

Unlock all the major room upgrades to Ranger HQ.

Body Builder

Get modded, and be able to install cyborg parts.

Chop Shop Champ

Upgrade your vehicle to the highest level.


Reach level 25. This could possibly mean that the level cap is 25 but we’ll see.

Mod Master

Install 4 weapon mods on a single weapon.

Toaster Expert

Earn your toaster repair diploma.

Tricked Out

Obtain all vehicle upgrades.


Badda Bing

Blow up 6 enemies with a single explosive attack. I got this one right at the start of the game with a little luck when Major Vera Prasad gave me access to the Kodiak turret. If you favor targets to the North during the fight, you’ll get left with a nice clump of 5 or 6 baddies to the West and the Kodiak can take them all out with a single shot. This is probably the best way to farm out this one.


Kill 4 enemies at once with a single shotgun attack.

Cold Reception

Shatter a frozen enemy.

Fire It Up

Kill an enemy with fire damage. This one is really easy and you don’t even need anybody on your team with Explosives knowledge. Just hit an explosive barrel with an enemy beside it. This can be farmed out early in the game.


Liquefy an enemy with energy damage.


Accidentally down one of your own squad members. You’ll need to have friendly fire on for this. If you started the game using Rookie or Wastelander difficulty, this will be disabled but you can farm this out easily by starting a new game on Rookie mode, then customising in friendly fire and shooting one of your own party members during the opening fight.


Give hit-and-run a new meaning. I’m not 100% clear on this one but I’m assuming this involves running people over in the Kodiak during combat. I could be wrong.

Scorpitron Slayer

Take down a Scorpitron, in proud Ranger tradition.

Wasteland Reaper

Kill every living person in Downtown Colorado Springs.


Heads Up

You threw a snowball at an NPC or party member. You can find snowballs in various snow piles. Dig them up, equip them, and toss them at a party member to apply the Frozen modifier to them. You might need to have friendly fire turned on under your difficulty.


You never made it to Colorado Springs. Basically, your entire party gets wiped out. The easiest way to farm this one up is to start a new game on Nightmare difficulty, pick some default characters, and then immediately walk into the area where the Dorsey warbot arrives during the first fight, repeatedly hitting End Turn until your party is wiped out.

Pre-Apocalyptic Tourist

You sat through Quarex’ entire museum tour. When you find Simon the Squatch, speak fully with him, then go speak with Quarex and ask him for a tour of the museum.

What’s In This Thing?

Eat a Clown Burger. Clown burgers are purchasable from Masato at Ranger HQ. They apply +10% CON but they also apply Poisoned. While you can technically eat them, should you?

Currently Unknown

Some of these achievements are unclear to me at the moment. My guess is that some of them are story related and cannot be missed but until somebody clears it up or I see them for myself, I’m not positive about the context surrounding some of these.


You assembled Poultron. Sounds like you’re building a robot chicken at some point.

Bunker Buster

You set off Morningstar’s self-destruct mechanism. Morningstar is a talking vehicle found during the mission Call to Action in Union Station. When you first meet him, he wants to die, so my guess is this involves helping him do that.

Dead Red

You defeated Angela Deth and stopped a coup.

Hoon Hero

You dealt with Erastus Dorsey before he could harm the Hoon family. Not sure what section this would go into but my guess is it’s story related.

I, Human

You convinced the Machine Commune that humans can be trusted. Not sure what section this would go into but my guess is it’s story related.


Uncover the darkest of conspiracies.


You answered Morningstar’s call and gave him a new home. Morningstar is a talking vehicle found during the mission Call to Action in Union Station.

New Colorado Order

You deposed the Patriarch and liberated Colorado from his rule.

No Time for Distractions

You allowed the Hoons to be murdered and the power armor to be stolen. Not sure what section this would go into but my guess is it’s story related.

November Reigns

Team November and the Rangers have taken over Colorado.

On Your Own

Your commanding officer was killed in action. It’s your mission now.

Quid Agit?!

You found the Provost. Probably falls under story related achievements.


Resist temptation and never open the Mysterious Case.

Won One for the Gipper

You overwrote Valor Buchanan’s mind with God-President Reagan. Probably falls under story or miscellaneous.


Answering Machine

Find all the cassette tapes left around Colorado. I’m not sure how many of these there are but this is what I know so far:

Good Luck

– Appears during the opening of the game, in a box near where you find Jodie Bell.

The Automated Chauffeur

– Found in a garage in Colorado Springs.

Soldier’s Note

– Found in the SouthEast room of Ranger HQ with Del Hackett.

An Interrogation

– Found in downtown Colorado Springs, in the Sherrif’s Station.

Private Do Not Play

– Found in downtown Colorado Springs, in the Machine Shop during the mission Big Trouble in Little Vegas.

Back in the Sack

You collected all STDs in the Wasteland.

Book Learnin’

You found every lore book in the game. If this is anything like the Wasteland Historian achievement from Wasteland 2, it sounds like this one might be a giant pain in the butt. At this point, it’s unclear how many pieces of lore there are or where they are. Any help with this one would be greatly appreciated because it’s probably going to be a mess. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this achievement gets expanded into it’s own section later on.


Discover every location on the world map.


Tame at least one of every type of animal companion.

My Pretties

Amass a collection that would terrify a toy shop owner. This involves collecting the 15 creepy doll heads that appear in the game.

Keen Karen (+1 Perception to all party members)

– Located in the Garden of the Gods in a large snow pile to the left of the mass grave where the Dorsey’s dumped all the bodies. If you move your camera, you’ll see a way to get under the snow pile and the on the other side you can dig up the dirt pile.

Radical Rachel (+5.0% Explosives damage)

– Located in the Ranger HQ in the corner of the Archives Room to the left of the doorway.

While I haven’t found all the locations yet, some guides already exist for this achievement:.


Double the Fun

Bring Billy and Jean all the way to the end of the game. While I don’t entirely know the context behind this achievement yet, I’d guess it involves bringing a two-headed goat with you to the end of the game without it dying. This probably involves the use of charming the goat at some point in the game. I’d love to get some more information on this if anybody finds out.


Beat the game on Easy difficulty.


Beat the game on Normal difficulty.


Beat the game on Hard difficulty.

Supreme Jerk

Beat the game on Hardest difficulty.

Note: This is an achievement guide for Wasteland 3. It is currently a work in progress.

By Napolean Blownaparte

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