Wasteland 3 – How to Complete Statue of Reagan Mission (Denver)

A guide on how to complete Statue Of Reagan Mission (Denver) in Wasteland 3.

How to Find Statue of Reagan (Denver)

You need to go to Denver Ruins (follow mark).

White House here:

How to Complete Statue of Reagan Mission (Denver)

Reagan Reborn

The God-President could use your help. So follow the peaceful dialogues.

  • Attend an audience with the god-president iniıde the western Whitehouse in the Denver Ruins.
  • Meet Mother Nancy Reliance and “Reagan” inside the Western Whitehouse at the northwest corner of the Denver Ruins.

First, kill other enemies in Denver Ruins.

  • Find gates and kill others
  • And then go back white house. Destroy subsystems:
  • Kill everything (turrets, guards, etc.) here. And then destroy Statue of Reagan.

Note: I can only complete like that (mission). If you have any suggestions, you can comment below.

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