Wasteland 3 – Guide to Toaster Repair and Tarjan Tokens

A guide on Toaster (and their bonuses) Repair and Tarjan Tokens in Wasteland 3.

Guide to Toaster Repair

Toaster Repair should be useful for the loot. Also the perk you get at rank 3 for Toaster Repair (Toaster Expert: fixing Broken Toasters now yields bonus loot) seems worth it. But the rank 5 perk that yields toasts, no idea.

Otherwise, at rank 7 and 10, Toaster Repair gives you perks for fire damage and burning:

  • Heating Element: fire damage bonus +25.0%.
  • Toasty: killing an enemy causes your next attack to inflict Burning.

Rank 7 perk might be useful for someone specialized on fire damage (Disciple of the Metal background, Pyromaniacs quirk, big gun (flamethrower) or explosives, etc…). Rank 10 perk seems underwhelming (other easier ways to inflict burning).

The skill points are only limited compared to higher intelligence scores. Rangers get three points per level, which is equal to what a WL2 ranger with 4 INT got.

More importantly, skills take far fewer skill points to max out. In Wasteland 2, you needed to spend 36 skill points to raise a skill from 0 to 9. I don’t remember exactly how many points it took to do the same in the beta, but I remember skills costing fewer points at high levels.

Toasters and their bonuses:

  • 1. Ranger headquarters dining room.
    Difficulty 3
    Reward: Toaster Master Badge Tool (+1 Toaster Repair Skill) and Tarjan Token.
  • 2. Manor of the Hun family.
    Difficulty 1
    Reward: a cast gold case – a part for creating a Golden Toaster.
  • 3. Broadmoor Heights at the Wesson family estate
    Difficulty 4
    Reward: Gold wire – part for creating the Gold Toaster.
  • 4. Palace of the Patriarch, in the right wing.
    Difficulty 8
    Reward: Spades action figure.
  • 5. Sans Lux Apartments, downtown Colorado Springs.
    Difficulty 4
    Reward: Heavy machine gun with energy damage.
  • 6.Tunnels of Wondrous, outside the diner door.
    Difficulty 5
    Reward: Tarjan token.
  • 7.In the bunker of the Monster Army
    Difficulty: ???
    Reward: Sensual Toaster Textbook.
  • 8 Broadmoor Heights Survival Bunker
    Difficulty 5?
    Reward: Tarjan’s Token
  • 9 Denver, Machine Commune
    Difficulty 6
    Reward: Book of Bard’s Tales IV walkthrough: cheats and tips
  • 10 Denver, West White House
    Complexity ???
    Reward: toast (?), Trash and money
  • 11. Mine for the extraction of mineral fertilizers
    Difficulty 7
    Reward: A plate of mica with gold interspersed – a part for creating a Golden toaster.
  • 12. Bunker in the location of Union Station.
    Difficulty 6
    Reward: Tarjan Token
  • 13 Ghost Town
    Difficulty 6
    Reward: Tarjan Token
  • 14. Inn Snow
    Difficulty 7
    Reward: Minerva’s Owl
  • 15. Aspen, guest house.
    Difficulty 7
    Reward: Gold-plated nichrome wire – part for making the Gold Toaster.
  • 16. Aspen, Little Hell in Vic’s room.
    Difficulty 7
    Reward: Bye Action Figure
  • 17 the Knox family’s bison farm.
    Difficulty 8
    Reward: Bimetallic thread with gold plating – a part for creating a Golden Toaster.

Golden Toaster

To collect a golden toaster, you need 5 parts from toasters + a golden hammer, which is located in the vault behind the level 10 castle in the Little Hell location in Denver.

As soon as you collect all the parts, they will automatically be collected in the toaster. A new location will appear on the map – the Toaster Repair Academy. Head over there, go inside and interact with the terminal in front to activate the Brave Little Toaster that will accompany our squad.

Also in the location there is a set of fairly strong chitinous armor and other interesting things.

Guide to Tarjan Tokens

You can only find those:

  • 2 tarjan tokens that give perks (10% evade, 2 penetration 1% cold resist)
  • A golden cable that seems to say it will power a toaster… no idea
  • a toaster lore book … not sure if these books do anything
  • +1 toaster trinket

The tarjan tokens can be used with the tarjan machine in the Bizarre. I found three tokens so far. What bonus you get is random. I got these bonuses from the machine:

  • perk: +1% coldresist,+2 penetration
  • perk: +15 con
  • perk: +10% evade
  • bonus: +25% XP for x seconds (very long timer)

Not sure how many tokens and which bonuses/perks are in the game.

Used in the Tarjan Vending Machine from the Quarex Museum in the Widowinarium. You can get temporary effects or talents:

  • A buff that increases experience points earned by 25% for 10,000 seconds.
  • Fortune Cookie Talent: +15 Constitution.
  • Talent “Eye of Tarjan”: + 1% to cold resistance and +2 to penetration.
  • Talent “Foresight”: + 10% to evasion.
  • A buff that increases your barter skill by 1 point for 10,000 seconds.

By Architect Leonid

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  1. A plate of mica with gold interspersed – is in ‘Paint mines’ next to the trailercar

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