Wasteland 3 – Guide to Prisoner, Satellites, Specialists, and More

It is a guide to prisoner, satellites, specialists, and more in Wasteland 3.

Guide to Prisoner, Satellites, Specialists, and More


The entire guide consists of spoilers and if you do not want to learn something extra, then it is better not to read ahead of time.
I will supplement as I progress.


Darius Kwon Will join the squad after passing the starting location


  • Automatic Weapon 5
  • Ass licking 3

Sly 3 Lucia Wesson Will join the squad after talking with Sheriff Daisy in Colorado Springs.

Skills: Small Arms 5 Weapon Mod 3 Barter 2 Survival 2 Private Jody Bell Save her at the starting location from Dorsey with a skill or simply shoot the raider. Over time, she will come to her senses and it will be possible to take her into the squad. Skills: Sniper Rifles 5 Working with Mechanics 4 Handler 3 First Aid 3



Doc Parker

He is in his hospital in the Colorado Springs auto repair shop.

Join the Rangers if you complete the All Doctors Doctor quest in Colorado Springs


Hope Emperson

Located at Sheriff’s Headquarters in Colorado Springs

Join the Rangers if you complete Rats Cornered in Colorado Springs


Junko Murayama

Located in the Colorado Springs shopping area.

Join the rangers after clearing Dorsey in the Garden of the Gods location.


The elusive Joey

Side up with Braigo in the Big Trouble in Little Vegas quest

Inspector Delgado

Join the sheriffs side in the Big Trouble in Little Vegas quest

Ranger Headquarters

Del Hackett and her refugees

If you let them stay, you gain a reputation with the refugee faction. refugees will live in barracks, which annoys the rangers and in the future there will be another choice of the fate of refugees in our headquarters.

Austin Pease

A teenage refugee who unknowingly helped Dorsey during the attack on the city and was sentenced to death.

Save him from execution at the sheriff’s station during his first visit to Colorado Springs: pay 200 bucks or with the Licking skill 4. After that, the rescue will stand at the entrance to the ranger headquarters.

Irv the

Scientist and, as it turned out, a clone of Irvine Finster, the enemy of the Rangers from Part 1.

You can persuade him to join the Rangers and continue their studies with us after the passage of the quest, “Oh, those neighbors” In the course of their experiments can create a clone of the Ranger, which will follow the player

Gary “of NaCl” Wolfe

‘s team-mate in the second part, and the hireling hunter on synths.

After completing the quest “The Wolf’s Hunt”, you can agree and give him a place in our headquarters so that he can continue his hunt for synths.



Initially located in a punishment cell, it is up to you to release it or not.

Bandits Dorsey

In the Garden of the Gods location at the entrance to the location, you can arrest a group of bandits if you have the Iron Ass skill 4

Isaac Reed

Member of the Hundred Families – the city’s elite. Helped Dorsey infiltrate the city and start a massacre.

You can meet him at the end of the Garden of the Gods location after clearing out all the

Maktavish bandits.

Workshop owner, one of Braigo’s thugs. It was he who let Dorsey into town.

You can be arrested on the quest “Big Trouble in Little Vegas”

Faran Braigo

Criminal authority and owner of the night club “Little Vegas”. Was still in part 1

You can be arrested on the quest “Big Trouble in Little Vegas”

Skill Books

Skill Book: Working with Mechanics

McTavish Workshop

Skill Book: Melee

Garden of the Gods

Skill Book: Sly Nightclub

Cameras Little Vegas

Skill Book: Lockpicking

Table in Ranger Headquarters punishment cell

Skill Book: Automatic. weapon

The reward for saving the Hung family in the “Heads or Tails?”

By Architect Leonid

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