Wasteland 3 – Guide to Factions and How to Get More Reputation

A guide on factions and how to get more reputation (bonus) in Wasteland 3.

Guide to Factions and How to Get More Reputation

Sheriffs of the Patriarch

A police organization led by Sheriff Daisy. Establishes the laws of the Patriarch in Colorado Springs and, if necessary, beyond. In fact, it is a completely corrupt group of local security officials.


  • -1 reputation bonus for checking medicine 2 upon first meeting with the patriarch
  • + to the reputation, if you side with the sheriffs in the quest “Big Trouble in Little Vegas”
  • -to reputation if you side with Braigo in the “Big Trouble in Little Vegas” quest
  • -5 to reputation if you recruit Frank Pappas as a ranger during the “Missing” quest.


Desperate, exhausted people from the outskirts of the Patriarch’s lands.


  • + Reputation by allowing Del Hackett and her refugees to remain at Ranger HQ.
  • + to reputation if Austin Pisa is saved from execution.
  • + to reputation, if you help Carmen with a group of refugees to get to Colorado Springs on the quest “The Uninvited and the Uninvited”.
  • +15 to reputation, if you warn Holly that slave owners are looking for her on the quest “Bounty from the slave owner”
  • +5 to reputation, if you side with the girls in the “Keeper to your sisters” quest.
  • – to reputation, if you arrest Mother Cotter on the quest “The Uninvited and the Unsolicited”.
  • -15 to reputation if you turn in Holly to the slave owners on the quest “Reward from the slave owner”

Hundred Families

The elite of Colorado Springs, the descendants of the preserving families, who, together with the Patriarch, began to revive the civilization of Colorado.


  • +1 to Relationships if you deal with the Delivery Robot in Broadmoor Heights.
  • + to relationships, if you arrest Mamma Cotter on the quest “The Uninvited and the Unsolicited”
  • +1 to relations if you help set up solar panels with a science test at Ward Estate in Broadmoor Heights.
  • +1 to relationships, if you invite teenagers to play “Robots and Rangers” on the quest “Highball”
  • +5 Relationships for saving Hardy Knox in Aspen.
  • +10 Relationship for saving Astin Ward from the gas sauna in Aspen.

Army of Monsters

Previously a terrible criminal group, but after a conflict with the Patriarch, it weakened and discarded the old bloody methods. Now her strength is barely enough to control the Dikovinarium.


  • +1 if you tell Dryab Zhracula that Randy Gett has joined the rangers (completing the “Blood Ties” quest).
  • +10 relations for completing the quest “In the genre of film truth”
  • The relationship goes to the level of hatred, if you take the side of Charlie Nose on the quest “Extremely Unfriendly Takeover”.


An armed cult from the outskirts of Denver, worshiping President God Ronald Reagan.


  • +1 to Attitude if you pass the Licking World Map check with the Sister of Reckoning.
  • +1 Attitude, use a Licking Skill check on your first Denver visit.
  • +1 to relations if you take the quest “Catchers of Men and Kites” in Denver.
  • -1 to relationship if we say the statue cannot administer justice on its first visit to Denver.
  • +1 to relationships if you nod and answer Bill peacefully in Denver.
  • +1 to attitude, use licking skill 4 while talking to Reagan about communists.
  • -1 to relationships if in doubt that hippers will fulfill the terms of the deal
  • -5 to relationships, if in a conversation with Reagan you doubt that he is a human and pass a know-it-all check 5.
  • +1 to Relationships if you praise Nancy Forge during the first dialogue with her.
  • +1 to relationships if you ask Nancy Forge about the Reagan statue and +1 if you praise her for her work.
  • +1 to relations for check licking 4 in a conversation with Sister Glory after talking with Reagan
  • + 5 to attitude for completing the “Counterintelligence” quest
  • +10 attitude for completing the quest “Catchers of people and kites”
  • -15 reputation if you move Reagan to the ranger headquarters.
  • The relationship goes down to the level of hatred if you start a battle with the hippers.

By Architect Leonid

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