Wasteland 3 – Guide to Combat, Attack, Leveling Up, and More

This guide shows combat movement, attacking, leveling up, and more in Wasteland 3.

Guide to Wasteland 3

Action Points

Action Points (AP) allow you to move, attack, and reload your weapons during combat. Each weapon costs a certain amount of AP to fire. You have enough left to fire your weapon again.


Left-click an enemy within your weapon’s range to attack them. Enemies within your attack range will show your Hit Chance above their head.             .               .

Combat Movement

During combat, your Rangers may need to take cover or change attack positions. Blue spaces are areas a Ranger can move to with enough Action Points (AP) left for an attack Orange spaces are areas within their maximum movement range. The red target preview lines show if their new positions place them within targeting range.

Spending Leftover Ap

Once you’ve finished acting with a character, you may have Action Points (AP) left over. That’s okay! You can put them to good use by opening your Quickbar and selecting one of your Final Actions – Ambush, Defend, or Prepare.

Vehicle Turret

Left-click on the vehicle or use [Tab] to select it, then attack.

Walking (Group or Individual)

Controlling a single character… This is useful when setting up before a fight, or navigating past land mines and traps. However, while exploring the world, it’s generally better to keep your entire squad together. You can quickly select everyone by pressing [Space], or by left-clicking and dragging the cursor to box-select your entire group.

Basic Move

To move your characters, right-click on the ground where you’d like to go. You can also hold down the mouse button and your characters will follow your mouse cursor. Try it now to proceed with your mission.

Sliced but Alive

Someone sliced open this Ranger’s abdomen and removed his intestines. Judging by the expression that is frozen on his dead face, he was alive when it happened.

Taking Cover

Quick, take cover! Taking cover protects you from enemy gunfire and improves your weapon’s Hit Chance. There are two types of cover: Low and High. High cover provides the best protection. Watch out, though – cover only protects you from attacks coming from that direction.


Enemies take cover! To flank them, try moving to a new firing position on the battlefield by hovering on a grid space with the mouse cursor and right-clicking.


If your Strike Meter is full, you need to charge up your Strike Meter each time you make a successful attack. Each weapon type has a unique Strike, a powerful special attack that can turn the tide of battle. Click the Strike button in your Quickbar, or press [F] to give it a shot.

Enemy Detection

Stay out of its detection range to go unnoticed. You can get the first turn in combat by attacking an enemy before it’s spotted you. However, we cannot stress enough how badly that robot will fuck you up right now.

Heal After Combat

If you are equipped with Med Hypos they can use to heal themselves. To use one, left-click your Items button in the Quickbar, then left-click on the Med Hypo.

Leveling Up

Leveling up grants them extra Constitution (CON) and Skill Point to spend on upgrading their skills. At later levels, they’ll also gain additional Attribute Points. To upgrade your Skills, use [K], or left-click on the Inventory button, then go to the Skills tab.

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