Voxel Tycoon – Conveyors, Belts, Filter Guide

This guide explains conveyors, belts, filters in Voxel Tycoon.


How to take items with conveyors

Conveyors are awesome and cheap.
Just like roads, you can build tunnels and bridges.
Conveyors can be used to transport items between:

  • Freight Stations
  • Warehouses
  • Mining Facilities
  • Factories (obviously)

To use conveyors you will first need Connectors, this can be found in the “Conveyor Devices” tool.
When placing a connector near one of the compatible buildings, a green area will show up, be careful to see which building it is connecting to. (the building connected will be highlighted / brighter colour)

The same applies for all of the buildings above.

Here’s a simple Mining Facility -> Factory -> Warehouse layout

Conveyor Colour Codes

Conveyors have a colour code for each function.

Input -> Blue
Output -> Orange

If your warehouse is removing items instead of putting them in, use the “Flip Conveyors” tool, the connectors will change colour and hopefully everything fixed.

There’s also arrows in the conveyor belts showing the direction it is going.


Splitting in Voxel Tycoon is simple, you don’t need any extra device.
Just do this, and make sure arrows are pointing opposite directions.


The filter is an interesting device.
As mentioned above, conveyors have a colour code and the filter is no exception.
In this example, I will going to use Coal and Wood, and we’ve selected to filter wood.

  • On the Blue gate, you will input of the items you have (coal and wood)
  • The item you select on the filter will come out of the Green gate(the wood)
  • The “unwanted items” (or in this example, the coal) will come out through the Orange gate

LogisticsLogistics can be hard, but in Voxel Tycoon it’s pretty easyTo access Logistics of a building, for example a station, just click on it and select “Logistics”.

In the logistics tab you can see everything, some coloured lines will show up on the map, that’s all the building connected to it, such as stores, warehouses, stations..

If you hover the building you will see a small cogwheel on the top left of each of them, if you click it, you will see one or two options, make sure it fits your needs.

One common mistake for beginners when setting up their first station is to disable selling to a store nearby.

If your station has a route setup and the trucks aren’t unloading cargo, check the route orders and the logistics tab. (make sure “Output to this building” is enabled, this can be verified in the little light on the right of the text or in the map, if the lines stop moving, there’s no output.)

By UGH Dany

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