Valheim – Tips and Tricks for Graves, Chopper, Cave, and More

This shows tips and tricks for graves, chopper, cave, and more in Valheim.

Tips and Tricks


If you get into a fight that you may not win, it is helpful to involve other opponents.

Trolls and Greylings fight against skeletons and ignore the player until the skeletons or themselves are dead. Greylings are also attacked and killed by wolves from the mountain biome.

Height Differences In Grave Chambers

Should you enter a grave chamber, you can lure the skeletons present there into the entrance hall and stand on the small elevation at the entrance to kill them one by one with the arch. This makes it easier for you to survive in the burial chambers and you make faster progress. However, you should be careful of the archers, they will continue to hit you. As a small demonstration

Playing Cave

trolls As with the skeletons in dungeons, you can also use tricks with trolls to defeat them in their caves. When you enter the cave you shoot some arrows at the troll, as soon as he gets too close, you leave the cave again. After a few seconds you enter the cave again, so that the troll is further away and continue shooting at him. You do this until it falls over and you can claw the loot.

Digging Out Copper

Some copper veins that you will find can go deeper underground or just stick out very slightly with a point from the ground. You can expose this with the pickaxe and mine more copper, even if it seems the vein is empty. map

In order to find your way around the huge game world, now comes a very banal tip. You can place markers on the map and use them for orientation or to save places that are important to you. You can mark what you want and as much as you want. This takes some of the work off your hands. This makes it easier for you to find ores or dungeons later.

You can set a marker with the 2x left mouse button. In the right corner of the map you can choose between several symbols. I use that very much and you could consider my map as full of garbage ^^ “Split stacks

If you only want to take a certain amount of an item with you, you can use the split function to divide this stack into your desired size. You do this by pressing Shift + left mouse button on the item in the inventory. Take over character If you start in a not so great world, but want to keep your character to play on another map, this is very easy. All you have to do is create a new world in the main menu and spawn it with your existing character. You already have a brave new world to explore and your success will not be lost. And now I wish you a lot of fun and success exploring and conquering your world 🙂

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