Valheim – Hunting, Gathering, and Food Guide

This guide helps you on hunting, gathering, and food in Valheim.

Hunter-Gatherer / Food


With a gun built on the workbench, you can hunt wild boar. The wild boars will drop you snippets of leather, which you should then consider building a bow to hunt deer. The deer killed give you deer skin for armor or something similar. The deer also drop deer trophies, which you can sacrifice at the altar to summon Eikthyr. You can roast captured meat from the animals over the fire using a cooking station to make it edible.


In Valheim you can collect all kinds of things, from stones and wood to mushrooms, various berries and plants. You can eat mushrooms and berries to satisfy your hunger and to get more life.


As already mentioned, you can eat a variety of foods. In addition to fried meat or mermaid tail, as well as mushrooms and berries, you can later also practice agriculture and beekeeping to satisfy your hunger.

While you need a bronze plow for agriculture, you can get honey and a queen bee by destroying bee nests. You can find these nests in some abandoned huts. A bow is suitable for the destruction so as not to suffer damage from the bees. You can use wood to build a beehive out of the queen bee, which will produce honey for you for a while, which you can harvest.

In agriculture, on the other hand, you can work the soil with the plow mentioned above and plant carrot seeds or tree saplings. On the cultivated soil, you choose an action that you want to perform with a right click. You have to have the necessary seeds with you to be able to place them. Planting a seedling with the help of the plow bee nests to destroy the beehive.


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