Valheim – How to Kill All Bosses (Eikthyr, The Elder, and More)

A guide on how to kill all bosses (Eikthyr, The Elder, and more) in Valheim.


The first barefoot horned deer. For the call, you need the head of his brother, I think you don’t need to explain where to get it, right? This Vasyan is rather cruel to those who do not have a shield at hand, so be a man and craft a shield. Then the matter is small, after a melee attack to beat that there is strength. Victory. 

The Elder

The Elder is a huge Ent from the Lord of the Ring. To summon, you need 3 ancient seeds, these seeds are taken from the urs in the black forest, find a glowing rose bush, destroy it and take the source of their power. You will have a long fight with this grandfather, take a huge pile of arrows, and don’t forget a GOOD bow. Then the matter is small, hide behind his fellows and shoot, shoot, shoot … Victory. 

The Third Boss

The third boss is a dick knows what, but according to the legends of beta testers, the crypt is in the swamps, did you pick up the key from the ent? Forward!

By Worm

Bosses List

List of different bosses in the game, where you can find them and which items you need to summon it:


  • Name – Eikthyr    
  • Biome – Meadow
  • Summon items – Deer Trophies x2
  • Drop – Hard Antler and Eikthyr trophy

The Elder

  • Name – The Elder    
  • Biome – Black Forest
  • Summon items – Ancient Seed x8
  • Drop – Swamp Key and Elder trophy

The Elder Temple

Note: There are more bosses in the game but I didn’t fight or find them yet.

by Ferni~

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