Valheim – How to Get Ores, Pickaxe, Dungeons, and More After Killing Eikthyr

A guide on how to get ores, pickaxe, dungeons, and more after killing Eikthyr in Valheim.

How to Get Ores, Pickaxe, Dungeons, and More After Killing Eikthyr



To kill your first boss, you need two deer trophies and the appropriate altar (marked Eikthyr on the map), if you cannot find it, you can display it at your spawn point by clicking on the rune stone.

The fight

You should have made your life high on food, and pre-built armor is also beneficial. A bow can give you a quick victory over Eikthyr. Incendiary arrows are particularly suitable for combat. During the fight you can run away from Eikthyr and hide behind stones, trees or houses so as not to be hit by his attacks. While you have a good distance from him or you are hiding behind things, you slowly shoot him down and finally defeat him.


After the fight, you should sacrifice the Eikthyr trophy at the sacrificial stones where you started your journey in order to unlock the Eikthyr ability. You can then activate this with the F key and it offers you -60% loss of stamina while running and jumping.

Proceed Further


After the death of Eikthyr can you from his antlers a pickaxe build, so you can dismantle henceforth ores and rocks.


Like copper and tin can be found in the dark forest. You can manufacture these into bars using a melting furnace. For the smelting furnace you need surtling cores, which you can find in dungeons. If you don’t have enough surtling cores for the furnace and coal pile, then build the furnace first. If necessary, you can also generate the coal by burning your food over the campfire. Forged copper and later bronze can be used to build stronger tools and weapons. A Surtling Kern bronze ax and precious wood

With the help of tin and copper bars, you can get bronze at a forge, which you can use to build a bronze ax. With this you can now fell birch trees and obtain precious wood from them, which offers you new recipes and building possibilities.

Trolls Trolls

Run around in the forest as well as in caves in the dark forest, and they are the first strong opponents. Try to avoid them or kill them with the bow to get the loot. You can build armor out of their skin.


The dungeons of the dark forest are burial chambers, which are protected both outside and inside by skeletons. You have to defeat them to get the loot of the dungeon. The long-awaited surtling cores are not found in all dungeons, which is why you have to go into several game runs before you can take any further steps. Otherwise, grab the stuff out of the boxes, because this will also help you at some point.


In order to defeat your next boss you have to look for rune tablets in the dark forest. These can be found at ruins or in dungeons. If you activate this the altar for the ancient one (in English it sounds cooler ^^ “) is marked on the map. Said rune table in a dungeon exploration with the raft

With the raft you can go to other islands, new biomes or even huge turtles.

You can mine chitin on these turtles with the help of a pickaxe, from which you can build weapons after you have mined three chitin ores, the turtle begins to sink and you should be back on your raft. But you should also be careful, because the sea also harbors dangers in the form of sea monsters. Once you’ve built the raft, you can take the helm. Use the A and E keys to turn the raft while you go with the W key. If you press W once, you paddle easily, but you can still make progress. At twice W the sail opens slightly and at three times it opens strongly. You should pay attention to the direction of the wind, which is indicated by an arrow in the lower left corner of the minimap. But be careful, the sea is rough and the direction of the wind is constantly changing.

Other Islands / Distant Places

If you have reached more distant places on foot or on the raft, it is advisable to set up an intermediate base with a bed as a spawn point and two boxes to quickly retrieve lost items in the event of possible death or in between Securing boxes.


NPC traders are shown to you with a wallet on the map. With these you can exchange your hard-earned gold for rare items. You get the gold from trolls or from boxes. The dealer is surrounded by a protective rune, so you cannot be attacked by opponents. You can also use this zone to relax during fights.

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