Valheim – How to Get and Craft StagBreaker

A guide on how to get and craft stagbreaker in Valheim.

How to Get and Craft StagBreaker

Help with the stagbreaker hammer and abusing it.

After beating the first boss, head towards the Black Forest. Once there, set up a small camp and basic workshop, go and cut fir/pine wood and you should pick up some “core wood”. It will give you the blueprint for the StagBreaker.

This is a 2H warhammer that does AOE damage and skills off the club levels. I still prefer the spear and shield personally.

To craft it you need some special core wood ((20) from fir and pine trees in the Black Forest), 5 deer trophies, 2 leather scraps and a workbench/chopping block setup.

Leveling Clubs

So this warhammer skills out of clubs. I just discovered as shown in the screenshot, an easy way to level clubs is destroy derelict buildings you come across using the StagBreaker! It hits multiple parts of the building in one swing increasing the amount of xp. I grew 2 levels from destroying the small hut in the screenshot.

Sneaky Cavern Crawls

I also found using the StagBreaker, when caving for sultor cores or similar, you can aggro the skeletons, close the door on them and continue to hit them through the door with the AOE of StagBreaker. Unfortunately I don’t know how to record it so…

  • Aggro skeleton.
  • Run through door and close.
  • The skeleton should be just the otherside.
  • Start swinging the big badonkadonk and get your loots.

by King Crow

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