Valheim – How to Find Different Biomes and Merchant

A guide on how to find different biomes and merchant in Valheim.

How to Find Different Biomes and Merchant


List of different biomes you can find in the game.


  • Starting area.
  • Full of trees, stone, deers…
  • Not very dangerous.

Black Forest

  • Second area you will explore.
  • Full of pines, stones, mushrooms, Greydwarfs and Trolls.
  • More dangerous than Meadows. Have care with Trolls.
  • You can find copper and tin here.


  • Permanent blizzards make you freeze (damage over time debuff).
  • You need close to a firepit or wear warm clothes.
  • Full of wolfs. They are very dangerous so be ready.
  • You can find iron here.


  • Full of slimes, skeletons, draugrs and dangerous creatures.
  • More dangerous than Black Forest.
  • You can be poisoned.
  • You can find iron here.



  • Not much info about it.
  • If you sail far away from the coast you will move into it.

Deep North



You can find a traveler merchant in the Black Forest. The spawn location is random but when you are close you will be able to see a bag icon in your map.

You can buy and sell some items to this merchant.

  • Fishing rod (350 coins).
  • Bait.

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