Valheim – How to Build and Craft Home, Campfire, Chest, Bed, Cooking Station

A guide on how to build and craft home, campfire, chest, bed, cooking station in Valheim.

How to Build and Craft

An easy starter home you can build with just some wood and stone. Fit’s a bed, crafting table, chests, campfire, and cooking station.

Cozy and breathable!

Spend the night safe and snug, knowing you’ll wake up alive!

  • Your first step is to gather 13 Wood & 4 Stone.
  • Craft a Workbench and place it anywhere.
  • Use the remaining materials to craft a Stone Axe.
  • Use your Stone Axe to gather 8 Wood and grab another 4 Stone.
  • Back at your Workbench craft a Hammer and a Hoe.

Find a nice piece of open terrain and use the Hoe to tamper down the earth to create some flat terrain to build on. While doing this you can also gather the next round of materials for the house.

It’s 104 Wood for all building pieces.


  • Campfire – 5 stone and 2 wood
  • Cooking Station – 2 wood
  • Bed – 8 wood

With the optional items the total is 116 wood and 5 stone.

You’re finally ready to build! Follow the diagrams in the pictures below and good luck!

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