Valheim – Guide to Portal with Metal (Step by Step)

It is a guide to portal with metal (step by step) in Valheim.

Guide to Portal with Metal (Step by Step)

You cant portal with metal. Forcing you to cart stuff by the sea. Only you can.


For some reason, I suspect forcing the player to use the boats, you cannot portal with metals. Except there is a way.

The Way

So the game saves your position. And your inventory. Your character is independent of your map. So, this can be used in MP or SP, I use SP for ease.

Step one

Have your main map that you play. Mine your metal. Step near your portal. Log out.

Step two

Have a second map, say called cheese. Have a small base with storage. Log into this map, dump ore in box. Log out.

Step three

Log back into your main game, portal to your base. Log out.

Step four

Log back into your cheese map and grab your ore. Log out.

Step five

Log back into your main map. You are now at your base, with all your ore. This is quicker and safer then moving by sea, even with the longboat.


Cheap game mechanics deserve to be circumvented. It makes no sense (other than forcing you to travel by sea) to bottleneck ore transport like this. So work around the system. You can also use this method to bulk transport lots of ores overloading your inventory as you don’t physically move much during transfers.

 by thethomasgeorge

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