Valheim – Guide to Finding Merchant (How to Sell, and More)

It is a guide to finding merchant (how to sell, and more) in Valheim.

Guide to Finding Merchant

If you want to find him on your own, there are a some small pointers I can give.

  • Once you are within a certain distance (1000km), he will show up on the map as a silver moneybag.
  • He will only show up in Black Forest.
  • Scout coastlines as he usually spawns near the coast.
  • He has a campfire so it could help to search at night.
  • He is rarely, if ever, on the starting island

Now if want to skip all that, create a new world in the menu. Under Seed, type out “Merchant”.

You’ll need a ship and you can simply head here.

Seed “Merchant”

Merchant Sell List

You can buy and sell some items to this merchant.

Price List

  • Yule hat – 100 coins.
  • Dverger circle – 620 coins.
  • Megingjord – 950 coins.
  • Ymir flesh – 120 coins.
  • Fishing rod – 350 coins.
  • Bait x50 – 10 coins.

by Viper

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