Unfortunate Spacemen – How to Set Up Dedicated Server (Setup Guide)

This setup guide explains how to set up a dedicated server for Unfortunate Spacemen. Requires Windows operating system.

How to Set Up Dedicated Server?

Initial Requirements

– Windows 10 (64-bit)
This may work on other versions of Windows, but 64-bit is absolutely required.

– Steam must be logged in with an account that owns Unfortunate Spacemen.=
This is easy to acquire, since the game is now free.

– Ports 7777 and 27015 (TCP and UDP) forwarded to the machine running the server.
You will probably have to do this on your local router and there are loads of internet guides on how to do this for your specific router.

Locating The Dedicated Server .Exe

Unfortunate Spacemen is typically installed at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Unfortunate Spacemen\UnfortunateSpacemen

Or wherever you’ve told Steam to install games.

Within that folder, navigate to the following folder path:

In the Win64 folder will be an .exe called:

Setting Up Your Server

Make a shortcut to the .exe and then copy that new shortcut up three folders to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Unfortunate Spacemen
(or your equivalent)

Then right-click on the shortcut and edit its properties so the Target line reads something like:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Unfortunate Spacemen\UnfortunateSpacemen\Binaries\Win64\UnfortunateSpacemenServer.exe”

Yes, you must include the quotation marks.

Then at the end of that line, add (after a space):
-log Map=Random Password=1234 MaxPlayers=16 LobbyName=SpacemenServer

The end result should look something like this:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Unfortunate Spacemen\UnfortunateSpacemen\Binaries\Win64\UnfortunateSpacemenServer.exe” -log Map=Random Password=1234 MaxPlayers=16 LobbyName=SpacemenServer

Reminder: You must include the quotation marks in the location they are seen here.

As you probably guessed, these are your server settings. You can now modify these server values. Here are all the values that are supported, more or less. If anything doesn’t work, just post here in the comments section or on the forum and we (or someone in the community) will do their best to help you out. Before seeking help with setup, make sure you re-read through this guide very carefully, as you may have simply missed a detail.

The possible settings you can apply are…

Example: Password=1234
The password for the server. If you don’t want a password, don’t include “Password=” at all in the Target line.

Example: ServerName=Steves_Fun_House
The name the lobby/server will appear as. We recommend underscores and can not verify that spaces work at this time.

Example: Map=DSS_Echo Map=DSS_Gardens
You can have multiple of these and one will be chosen at random each time a round starts. If you have a map more than once it will get chosen more often.

You can not choose Co-operative or Survival maps as these game modes are not supported as a dedicated server. Here is a list of the Shapeshifter display names and their respective filename (You want to use filename here):

  • Abduction: DSS_Abduction
  • Architects: DSS_Architects
  • Space Bar: DSS_Bar
  • Containment: DSS_Containment
  • Duress: DSS_Duress
  • Echo: DSS_Echo
  • Gardens: DSS_Gardens
  • H2O: DSS_H2O (that’s an Oh, NOT a zero)
  • Hypertrain: DSS_Hypertrain
  • Outpost 13: DSS_Outpost
  • Recruitment: DSS_Recruitment
  • Snowswept: DSS_Snowswept
  • Spaceburbia: DSS_Suburbia
  • The Experiment: DSS_TheExperiment
  • Tidal Lock: DSS_TidalLock
  • //end of map list [will be updated if more are released]

Example: MaxPlayers=16
Allowable values are 2 to 16. The default is 16, which will result in 15 Spacemen and 1 Monster.

Example: UseLAN=True
You can have a Local Area Network only server.

Launching Your Server

All you have to do now is launch your shortcut and you should see a black CMD window pop up. This will mean the server is running, assuming you don’t get any errors. If you get errors, come to the forums or ask the community at discord.gg/NewBlood

Dedicated Servers are considered a work in progress and may have bugs or other known or unknown issues. Good luck!

by Zag

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