Uncharted Ocean – How to Buy High-Level Materials – Tips

In the Uncharted Ocean, it is impossible to play the ship without changing the high-level materials. You can’t buy it. You can’t beat it. You can’t leapfrog the deputy. It ’s also full of mobile games. The gift of the black market to buy the last city’s funds is too high, the price is too high, it is simply that the mobile game is too bad to rely on the amount to increase.

You Have to Buy and to Beat:

The early stage is indeed a bit difficult, not because it is impossible to continue the game in order to force up the demand. For example, shipbuilding materials, each relic will drop differently, and pirates will also drop. Leaping monsters can also be played. At this time, weapon matching and tactics will become important. You can search for some strategies. Favorites are only needed by women, and there are many gm fleets in Asia, so it doesn’t take much time. It is also normal for ocean trade to reach tens of millions at a later stage. In the early stage, you may feel that the demand is so large at first. Slowly, as you learn about the game settings, you will find it easy. Of course, some of the more concentrated questions that we have mentioned still need to be adjusted.

Making Money

In the beginning, you can earn money by solving the main task, and you will have hundreds of thousands to millions of funds later. With a certain amount of money, you can build your own fleet. So you start running a business to make money, don’t fight. The battle will starve to death. The pirates flashed him and do n’t touch it. Don’t buy artillery on board. Nordic wine and industrial raw materials are shipped to Spain to make money. With money, go to the Mediterranean to buy fine arts and artistic statues and make money in Nantes, Northern Europe I bought a large ship and finally went to Africa to buy diamonds (types of gems). 225% shipped to the Mediterranean to sell. For example, I am going to India to buy a commercial large Arabian sailing ship, and now the capital is more than 100 million. When you have a lot of money, you can play naval battles at random.

Become Trival

It really became easy. Money becomes trivial. One achievement is 2B gold. I’m going well on that. I agree that many things need to be redone from the current multiplayer / server type idea. It needs to be rebalanced away from grinding.

If you go to a union, you can exchange materials to get what you need. There are 3 basic types. Low, medium and high-quality components and can be traded within each quality.

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