Uncharted Ocean – Best Ships – Tips

In general, the best ships are the ones with high armor, sailors and cannon numbers, HP is secondary since the armor will reduce the damage taken anyway.


For the Upgrades:

  • for melee ship, just increase the number of sailors. Cannons will stop working as soon as they are in melee range so the basic amount is more than enough.
  • for ranged ships, increase the number of cannons if you need the slots, otherwise the number of sailors.

In general, the number of sailors is more important since it will increase the ship’s durability against the grapple and the melee damage.
Just remember to adjust the cabin space in order to have up to 10k storage capacity (if you like to trade). In any case, make sure you have at least 20 days supply so you don’t have to stop refueling too often.
Remember also to auto-assign sailors after every battle so they get split evenly between all ships.


For Cannons is:

  • for melee grapple. Even small grapple can start taking out some sailors before they reach the target.
  • for ranged: 2 vulcan, 2 grapple, 1 smoke, 1 penetrator. Use the biggest you can get to make sure you have the highest damage output on grapple and vulcan. Smoke can be small, since it still get the job done (the bigger the longer the smoke last).
    The priority in size is: grapple > vulcan > penetrator > smoke.
ShipDurability (Iron Plate)ArmorSailorsCabinMax GunsEmplacementsCityBlueprint
Large Carrack42.2801.00569760363SevilleInvest
Commercial Large Carrack36.54054363825323LondonInvest
Large Dhow65.800075800403IstanbulInvest
Commercial Large Dhow36.96055163875323IstanbulInvest
Armed Large Dhow54.7401.30593920524IstanbulInvest
Heavy Carrack52.3601.24787880484LondonInvest
Modified Heavy Carrack59.9191.42899960564Rio de Janeiroavailable from start
Adventurer Dhow61.179057680283IstanbulInvest
Giant Dhow39.9005.386781.000565IstanbulShipyard Quest
Commercial Galleon43.820651661.000303LondonInvest
Military Galleon61.7391.47092975605LondonInvest
Commercial Large Galleon60.339898801.100605LondonInvest
Large Galleon63.1391.5031141.050665LondonInvest
Heavy Galleon70.8401.6871251.095725LisbonShipyard Quest
Triple-decker Galleon91.7002.5501401.4501106TrujilloPrince Theseus Drop
Santa Ana Clipper91.0002.2001501.3001006Quest Rewardnot craftable
San Martin Clipper86.8002.0001581.250906Quest Rewardnot craftable
San Juan Clipper105.4202.3501481.3501106Quest Rewardnot craftable
Queen-class High Speed Galley52.1401.00066780604Quest Rewardnot craftable
Ragazzoni Sailboat134.82012.8601041.400506Quest Rewardnot craftable
Holy Trinity Battleship116.4792.5261681.5201266Quest Rewardnot craftable
Victory Naval Warship112.0002.2001801.6001466Quest Rewardnot craftable
Zheng He Treasure Ship125.9992.4002001.7001306Quest Rewardnot craftable
Soleil Royal Naval Warship120.3993.5002401.5501626Quest Rewardnot craftable
Turtle Ship113.8208.400881.000604HanyangKorean Ocean Guard Drop
De Zeven Provincien Battleship91.0001.7501201.3001006LimaGM Ghost Quest (200 mechanical parts from GM Ghost)
First Class Battleship80.5001.8501101.220846PortobelloKorean Ocean Guard Drop
Special Devil-class Galleon74.9001.950921.000846Hangzhou PrefectureQuest (150 blueprint scraps from East Asian Merchant)
Santa Catalina Heavy Armored Ship77.0004.6501501.1001026NagasakiQuest (150 blueprint scraps from East Asian Merchant)
Exquisite Jet-Black Caravel68.3202.428100960866AnpingEast Asian Merchant Drop
Improved Commercial Dhow53.2001.050761.300564MuscatInvest
East India Large Oceanic Battleship95.2002.1501681.3501066CalicutDungeon Bermuda Maze Drop
Fujian Ship84.0002.200841.600764Quanzhou PrefectureDungeon Bermuda Maze Drop
Santa Maria Ocean Liner77.7003.2001401.4001046AmbonEast Asian Merchant Drop
Vengeance Assault Dhow79.8002.6001361.2501006GoaKahili Pirates Drop
Improved Mobility Dhow67.2001.8001261.300966CalicutKahili Pirates Drop

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