Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail – Snakes and Powder Walkthrough (How to Win)

This walkthrough helps you on how to win (Snakes and Powder mission) and how to obtain achievement in Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail.

Snakes and Powder

Unfortunately, the army is involved in the largest battle since the conquistadors arrived from Spam They are in desperate need of men and supplies Reluctantly, the admiral has ordered my task force to land and join the fighting around Santa Crux The mission was simple Aid a regiment from Major General Francis Smith’s Army of Jamaica to recapture the remaining stolen supplies from IIMS Walpole It is of vital importance that we succeed or else the entire campaign may be at risk.

How to Win?

Abandoned Camp

Advance your troops along the way.

And then you will see the camp.

The camp was found abandoned, our men are either dead or have been captured by the Spaniards. Our scouts have reported that the Spanish are sending reinforcements. It seems those supplies were bait to lure us away from the main force around Santa Cruz. Yet those supplies are in dire need and all there is to be done is to hold our position.

Start the Battle

Afterwards, you will see horse-drawn battleships on the right. Send troops now and defeat him.

Watch out for the enemy troops that appear in the back river and send troops on them. Prevent troops from the river from coming to the center. More precisely, temporize them. If you decrease the number of enemy troops in the center (camp), it will be easier to win.

Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail - Snakes and Powder Walkthrough (How to Win)

It is especially important that the artillery must be behind. Also, send a troop to the forward line of enemy troops to prevent attacks on artillery units. In this way, gunners from behind can easily defeat enemy troops.

Besides that, you can see the enemy troops scattered. So don’t steer all your troops in one direction. Withdraw your troops as they are heavily damaged and send the new troops.


  • Sword Bayonet
  • Army Brass Cannon
  • Sea Service’38 Musket & Bayonet
  • Supply

What a Mess !!

Don’t give up. Yes, the troops will take heavy damage and you will be confused about winning the war. But follow the clues I mentioned above and let the game flow a little bit (not so much :D).

Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail - Snakes and Powder Walkthrough (How to Win)

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