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This guide shows tips for Sweaty Palms in Two Point Hospital (R.E.M.I.X) is the newly updated as free. Before the guide, I want to promote the remix mode that is added to the game:

Two Point Hospital (R.E.M.I.X)

It’s a super exciting time for everyone here at the studio with the console release just around the corner, and you may have noticed that’s been a big focus for us recently. But what if we were to tell you we’ve been cooking something else up? Perhaps something to say a little thank you to our lovely PC players, you know, the people that got us here in the first place! Sound good?

GOOD! Because we haven’t forgotten about our awesome PC players, no way! To say thank you to all of you, we’re releasing a brand new, free update on PC today: R.E.M.I.X.

R.E.M.I.X is a digital recreation of three of your favourite levels:

  • Hogsport
  • Lower Bullocks
  • Flottering

What do we mean by digital recreation? Excellent question! The good people at Bungle came up with the idea to create a hospital simulator simulation… or something like that… where you’ll complete goals to receive stars. Of course, being digital, these stars don’t actually reflect anything tangible, they aren’t a standardised rating by a recognised board like the Two Point Health Ministry, they’re purely symbolic of progress and an understood practice in video games. Let’s face it, now you know about them, you want them, right? We aren’t making sense are we? Ok let’s break it down:

This lovely little tutorial level is known for being wonderfully peaceful, and a great way to get started in Two Point County. In R.E.M.I.X however, your beloved starter level is about to be overrun with patients needing attention in a 10 wave horde mode! You’ll need to use your skills as a wicked good hospital administrator to overcome this one!

Lower Bullocks
Just when you think you’ve got to grips with Lower Bullocks, R.E.M.I.X strikes! This isn’t going to be a piece of cake (mmm…cake), this is a serious mission of hospital expansion, with super fun challenges to complete before you’re able to unlock more plots. Can you unlock them all and sustain a successful hospital?

Yes, yes, we all know Flottering is a training hospital, but this time you’ll be profiting from career development (no, not your own). You’ll be facing the tough challenge of training up your junior staff members and profiting while you do it! You’ll still gain some income from curing patients of course, but we don’t really care about them here; that’s acceptable right?

We hope you enjoy the new challenges that await you in this free update! Thank you for your support, and here’s to more coming in the future!

Tips for Sweaty Palms

1.) Upon promotion for staff, reduce their wages to the first position on the bar that leaves them with a neutral, yellow face. Every time they get unhappy, move the bar just back to yellow again. NEVER just promote them, as they’re asking for a lot of money at promotion and that comes out every month and cannot be reduced below the last figure they accepted.

2.) The main cause of economic collapse appears to be patients who can’t get to treatment and comes when reputation is so good it floods your queues. Raises prices to 200% to bring in cash from those already in, and put off new people coming in. Once the income drops to not meet outgoings, drop the prices back to 100% and more people start paying again whilst the queues should now be efficient again… You should be able to swing between 100 and 200% to stay on top of it.

3.) If reputation is an issue for completion, you can use a Marketing campaign to get it back to a high level instead.

4.) It’s counterproductive to expand, as your expenditure is also based upon plot size and number of rooms I think. It also means more rooms for your janitors to keep returning too. You got me wondering how big my rooms were, so I went to get a screenshot of the hospital I beat the level with;

And none of what I say here was included, it seems I simply brute-forced it using pricing swings.

The most important tips I’ve since discovered from then is that using as many medicine cabinets and other diagnostic boosting items in such rooms is more useful than the sheer number of rooms, as you want to get them to 100% diagnosed as quickly as possible to stop moving from queue to queue.

5.) If you have rooms that are inactive, use Marketing to send more patients specifically there, as they don’t even need a diagnosis, walk straight to the room and are instant profit. This is especially useful for areas where certain diseases don’t happen, so the rooms will usually be empty.

6.) Use vending machines near anywhere the rooms patients will spend any time near. In particular, I use the Salty Snacks Machine to make them Thirsty, then the Luxury Drinks Machine to get more money out of them. Cafes seem to raise more money, but they take up a lot of room and patients go looking for them, meaning even more chaos on your floor as they walk away and into each other. Vend to them as close to where they need to be as possible.

I have cafes in my build above, but many of them scattered about so the patients weren’t wandering. Multiple toilets, and Reception and GPs at different points to keep them apart too. This I think is why it worked, it helped cope with the eventual corridor-blocking.

7.) If your research labs are idle, you’ve grabbed all that you can, each completed General Research gets you 20k.

8.) Bins. Bins. And more Bins. They pick up the rubbish that patients leave and remove work for your janitors.

9.) Have a nice smelling face. People are nicer to you when your face smells nice…

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