Two Point Campus – What is the Magic Number

This guide will help you what the magic number is and what the correct number is in Two Point Campus.

What is the Magic Number?

Yes, 8 is the magic number. A classroom can host 5 classes per year. In the course edit screen, the book icon tab tells you which classrooms are used in the 3 classes per year in the course. If you go over a multiple of 8 then you require more classrooms as if you had another full set of 8.

A good example to show how this works out is Musicality.

  • Year 1: 2 Recording Studio, 1 Lecture Theater
  • Year 2: 1 Recording Studio, 1 Lecture Theater, 1 Computer Lab
  • Year 3: 3 Recording Studio, 1 Lecture Theater

At 5 classes per year running 8 people through 3 years of Musicality, you require only one of each classroom with 2 open slots in your Lecture Theater and 4 open slots in your Computer Lab.

Notable here is you need a Recording Studio (expensive!) for every 8 Musicality intake for all 3 years. A single computer lab can support 40 intakes though.

Very important to keep in mind is It only prompts you to make more classrooms if you need more for the upcoming year. It doesn’t tell you what you’ll need in 2 years when your higher total number fills all 3 years. When increasing your intake make sure you aren’t locked financially from making enough classrooms to cover it all. Loans can play a role here.

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