Tropico 6: Lobbyistico – How to Cheat (Trainer)

A guide on how to cheat (trainer) Tropico 6: Lobbyistico (New DLC).

Tropico 6: Lobbyistico

Tropico 6 is free to try this weekend for all Steam users. Unanimously praised by critics as the greatest, most attractive dictator simulator of all time, we thought it would benefit everyone to share in its glory, and we look forward to welcoming a host of talented new players, with big brains, to the shores of the republic.

Additionally, Lobbyistico, Tropico 6’s third DLC, is out now and it’s a great DLC – amazing DLC if you look at a long lineage of amazing content made by a very smart company. “Incredible DLC” – it’s always been said, and that’s no surprise, really. The appearance of DLCs like this one is rare, but when they do arrive, they come in the best packages. “The best DLCs for the best people”, we say, because those people and us and companies like that have everything they want in life. More content and more DLCs, really. Bigger and better than anybody else.

Lobbyistico DLC offers unprecedented access to big league politics, more so than any other video game. The European Union has arrived on the isles of Tropico and with it, new buildings such as the El Presidente Club – a brilliant place to meet with the best leaders and lobbyists to discuss tremendous and well thought out political ideas. Another new addition is the Corruption Agency, a terrific and reputable outfit whose services can be employed to fight the spread of corruption – or at least sweep it under the rug.

Tropico 6’s Lobbyistico DLC is available now at the Kalypso Store and on Steam, with PS4 and Xbox One versions to arrive later.

How to Cheat (Trainer) Tropico 6: Lobbyistico?


Num 1 – Infinite Money
Num 2 – Fast Population Growth
Num 3 – Max Support Rate
Num 4 – Infinite Electricity
Num 5 – Extend 1 Year Mandate Time
Num 6 – Add Knowledge Points
Num 7 – Add Raid Points
Num 8 – Add Swiss Bank Money
Num 9 – Richest Citizens
Num 0 – Highest Citizens Education
Num . – Stop Crime From Happening

F1 – Money Multiplier
F2 – Worker Efficiency Multiplier

  1. “Infinite Money” takes effect when the money value updates (there may be some delay for it to update).
  2. “Max Support Rate”: When activated, your support rate will slowly increase to 100%.
  3. “Infinite Electricity”: When activated, each power plant generates 1 million watts of electricity. It won’t work if you don’t have any power plants.
  4. “Worker Efficiency Multiplier”: If you don’t want some buildings to have this effect, set its budget to the lowest tier to exclude it from this option.

2020.07.10: Update for v1.10 game version.

Download Fling Trainer

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