Tropico 6 DLC The Llama of Wall Street – How to Control Camera and Time – Guide

As a first step In becoming the world’s greatest dictator. It is important that you know how to control the camera so that you can admire your nation from different angles.

Camera Conrols

Practice the different ways to control the camera.

  • Pan the Camera around.
  • Rotate the Camera around.
  • Tilt the camera up and down.
  • Zoom In and Out.

Controlling Time

Now that you mastered the camera, let us take a look at the ways to control time: you can pause the game and choose from different speed settings. While the time is paused you can still act, give orders and make decisions. The game world will react to your changes when you start the time again.

You can do the time as follows:

⦁ Pause the game time.

⦁ Resume the game time.

⦁ Set the game speed to 4x.

⦁ Set the game to normal speed.

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