Tropico 6 DLC The Llama of Wall Street – Economic Crash in Modern Times

The economy can be decent going into the Modern Times era but very quickly crashes.
You can have a lot of different industries but can not be work. Please follow advises:

  • Get import prices up by praising the five superpowers.
  • Take short easily completed trades to get your standing up with them.
  • Do nuclear testing to get a quick influx of cash.

It could have many reasons…

Maybe you have many unemployed citizens because their education is too good and they are too posh to work in the plantations or you have too many uneducated unemployed because the upgraded ranches and plantations need high schooled.

This is just an example of what changes in modern times, so your best friend in pinpointing a bottleneck/crisis is the almanac of your current game. For me switching to modern times does not automatically mean decreasing funds, more the opposite with the market manipulation tools that come with it.

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