Tribes of Midgard – The Best Start and Resources Guide

This is the best start and resources guide for Tribes of Midgard.

The Best Start

Resources and Starting Strategy

If you play in a team of 4 people like me, then everything is very simple:

2 people take starter kits with weapons and armor. Then go to farm souls in the camps.

The others take kits with a pickaxe and an ax and hammer, which is important. Do not forget to on the road, take the rees for a pick and an ax. Then run further only having them with you, in order to farm a little along the road. Be the first to download the artisan and the gunsmith. Try to quickly build a mine and a sawmill (this is not necessary) but you can also do this. So an artisan is needed 3- level, do not forget to take quests at the very beginning and run in their direction initially. Additional souls will not be superfluous.

Do not forget about global events, also additional souls. After killing the first Jotunn, you should already start building the fortifications of the village, you knock out the gates and towers of archers (if you want archers to shoot specific arrows,

You absolutely have no time to waste, the game will punish you for it, so plan your plans in advance for several days in advance. Inside the game itself, there is a mini wiki where and what resources are. So I will not write here. A very important moment: try to find out what for Jotunn immediately how he appears, let you hurry to prepare weapons, armor, etc.

An important aspect is that in the saga you need to kill the Boss, his location can be bought from merchants, you can also buy useful resources from them, which you have in deficit for souls.

You can buy locations, at least in order to find out where the winter locations are. And go there to build a bridge and farm resources for frost armor and weapons, useful for the late fire Jotun.

Also, do not forget that the boss must be killed before the onset of winter, otherwise, the pockets are about 15 days, but this is not for sure. Added – on the 10th day it starts to get colder, on the 14th day, an endless night and permafrost begin, endless attacks.

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