Tribes of Midgard – How to Defeat Saga Boss

A guide on how to defeat Saga boss in Tribes of Midgard.

Defeating the Saga Boss

This is the main goal of Saga Mode.

You are supposed to discover the requirements by playing the game on your own, therefore I will spoiler the following sections. Read at your own discretion.

1) Finding the Lair

First, you have to find the Lair where the Saga Boss is imprisoned. The Lair always spawns in a Glacier Peaks biome that is inaccessible due to a broken Bridge.

If you look at the Map, the Bridge icon on the map Legend actually refers to this specific broken Bridge. So the simplest way to find the correct Glacier Peaks area is to find the Bridge. Follow the roads and explore until you find the Bridge.

As an alternative, one of the Sorcerers can sell you a map that will reveal the precise location of the Lair on your map

2) Unlocking the door

The Lair is locked and to unlock it, you need four types of fragments:

  • Event Fragments
  • Jötnar Fragments
  • Quest Fragments
  • Hideout Fragments

Event Fragments are obtained by completing any of the time-limited events that spawn on your map periodically:

  • Stag of Odin
  • Dökkálfar Prisoner
  • Roosters of Ragnarök

Jötnar Fragments drop from killed Giants.

Quest Fragments are given as a reward for completing any quest.

Hideout Fragments are found in a Treasure Chest on the lowest level of Hideout, a big dungeon located in the Smoky Highlands biome. It has several floors and you need to press a Lever in every floor to open a hatch to the next floor. On the final floor, you will be greeted by a tough fight, so come prepared.

3) The Saga Boss

As you may have guessed from the Saga name and icon, the Saga Boss is a wolf. Fenrir to be precise. Once you enter the Lair, you have to free Fenrir from his chains and then defeat him in glorious combat. No spoilerino on his abilities.

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