Tribes of Midgard – Guide to Basics of Clearing SAGA Mode

It is a guide to basics of clearing saga mode in Tribes of Midgard.

Guide to Basics of Clearing SAGA Mode

The very basics of objectives for clearing through SAGA Se.1.

Basic Objectives

In order, you should be striving to complete this list.

  • Tinkerer to Tier 3
  • Quarry Built
  • Lumbermill Built
  • Locate the Bridge
  • Build the Bridge
  • Activate the Portal
  • Defeat Saga Boss

So, lets do a rundown on how to complete this as quick and painless as possible.

Gather every rock and iron node you can see right out the gate. Grab a few trees as well. While running through the wild, take your first day exploring and gathering. Your’e specifically looking to find the swamps for some fast silver to upgrade your tools and weapons. If you have to come back to base due to night time, go ahead and try to grab some better tools, weapons, armor. Once you get used to the method you can probably jump from Tier 1 armor right into the raider gear if you even end up crafting the Tier 1.

Now, you should be putting all items you find in the community chest on each return to the village for others to use as well. While we are at it I should let you know, the community chest will allow you to use resources from the chest directly when crafting items and upgrading the base. With that out of the way, you are probably sitting on day 2 or 3 if your’e having an average run. You should have the tinkerer to level 3 and you should have the quarry built at this point. You may want to go ahead and start looking for the Jotunn and get some early damage on him before the Bloodmoon starts. If you happen to get Bloodmoon with the giant still up, finish that and immediately go finish killing the giant so that you have the next night free.

On day 5 you should be completing your Lumbermill now and hopefully getting some gates and maybe even Archery towers up. If you have extra souls, prioritize getting Tier 3 armorer and blacksmith. But once the Lumbermill is built, you hopefully have found the bridge or are close to it. You should start funneling resources into the bridge as quickly as possible. Once this is complete you will likely be sitting on day 7 or 8 with an average luck run.

Now the stress begins. You have been fending off giants and Bloodmoons. You still need to get shards for the portal. Have everyone put their gathered shards into the portal so you know what you need. Most likely no one has gathered hideout shards. That’s fine. Find the Shrine with a sorcerer on a beach and buy 5 of them. (1500 each) if you need others you can find them at their respective sorcerers around the world.

You are probably around Day 10 with any luck and ready to fight the Saga Boss. If you have no immediate threats, do it. If you have a Bloodmoon or a Giant threatening your run, take care of it as quickly as possible. Winter is coming. You need to get to work on the Boss.

This is the absolute most basic way to explain your basic objectives. Best of luck!

PS: You really don’t need to upgrade the Blacksmith or Armorer to Tier 4, you can finish the game with Tier 3 Unlocked.

by Veniym

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