Tribes of Midgard – Exploring Guide

This shows an exploring guide for Tribes of Midgard.

Exploring Guide

Now that we have tools and weapons, it is time to explore.

Long-term Goals

  • Find new biomes, especially Land of Pools.
  • Follow the roads and activate Shrines.
  • Gather Iron and Stone along the way.
  • Destroy Barricades.
  • Loot monster camps.

Your Map (M key) will remove the Fog of War (the dark mist covering the map) as you move into unexplored lands. A legend (Shift key) next to the map shows what icons on the map mean. You are interested in finding land of different color than the green you started in.

The Biomes are:

  • Bright Forest
  • Land of Pools
  • Ash Beach
  • Smoky Highlands
  • Glacier Peaks

Land of Pools is the next progression after your starting gear, allowing you to craft first Rank III equipment.

Shrines are teleports. They allow you to fast travel between your village and any Shrine you have already activated. To activate a Shrine, you only need to find it and interact with it.

Shrines spawn on the roads, so by following the road you will eventually run into a shrine. Shrines can also spawn away from roads – near Sorcerers, Traders and Quest Givers.

Activating Shrines is important for being able to intercept the Jötnar early, for target-farming specific resources and, of course, a shortcut allowing you to continue exploring farther away from the village.

While exploring, you will inevitably find ramps. Those appear as gray Bridge-like icon on the Map. The ramps simply allow you access to a higher or lower terrain elevation. What is important about these, is that sometimes they spawn with Barricades – walls made of Wood, Stone, Ice and other materials.

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